Ordered a Wheelchair Today

jannieDecember 3, 2008

DH took a big step today in his surrender to MS. He ordered a wheelchair on-line. It will be arriving in about a week. He's really looking forward to getting it. He has so much difficulty walking. He literally crawls up the stairs and into our bedroom. His neurologist suggested it the last time he was there. It comes apart, so we can put it in the car. It weighs 250 lbs. I hope I will be able to help him with it. I'm the caregiver.

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He must have gotten a power chair? They weight 250 pounds.

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I was wondering about that 250lbs too. The ads will mention a weight, but it's usually concerning the amount of weight that it will hold, not the weight of the item. I can't see that a chair that could be taken apart to go in the car weighing 250lbs.

Fot example, I just ordered a quad cane. It lists different weights, one of which is 250lbs.

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Curious where did he order it from? Many times insurance or the MS association will help pay for this and help you buy it locally so he can get fitted properly. Also, how will this help getting up/down stairs. Also it should fold for getting into cars, not come apart. That takes too long especially if you are in a drop off area. Talk to your local medical supply store/dept etc. I do wish you the best.

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