mike and barb??? Christmas

mariendDecember 26, 2008

Often think of you and your father. How did it go? Hope you all had a good day. Our Christmas is spread out over a couple of days due to grandkids working etc. No it does not bother me as I have never been into Christmas.

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Thank you matriend for thinking of us. Dad's not doing so good. His depression is really bad and it's made it hard to see him cause he's not acting like himself. Last week when I seen him he asked why he was in there and when he'd be going home.He wanted me to take him home just so he could take a bath but I know he's trying to go home.
To make it short thing's had been in a real mess but it's now getting straighten out and hopefully he'll be better soon but when his problems I don't know if they can do a whole lot or not. Most of dad's problems is that he always thinks negative.
Christmas day was good but short due to grand kids having to spend part of their day with their dad till 2 pm.

At the moment I'm thinking of giving up the idea of my husband and I doing the estate sale of my grand parents and his home and hiring someone to do it. I can't do any of the work cause of my back. I can't even take care of my on home the way it needs to be so it would be a relief to hand it over to someone else.
I did want to go through the homes before someone else did to make sure I got what I wanted or needed to get from there, I found lots of papers that I wanted or needed to keep.

Hope your doing well.


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