Incontinence Bed Pads

YogaLady1948December 23, 2013

My mom is in an assisted living facility~~today she told me she needs some incontinence bed pads. she called them CHUX. I have Poise Pads sent to her 2X's monthly from Amazon~~so I want to get these other pads from there also.
I just do not know anything about them, is this a good brand? What size do I need to get? I went on Amazon and there were different amounts of pads you can buy, with the Poise Pads the amount in each pkg determines the size of the pad~~do these pads work the same way??

Any info will be helpful~~~Thank You

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CA Kate

I have two kinds: washable fabric and plastic/paper disposable. I don't know that CHUX is a brand or, like Kleenex, is what everyone has come to call them.

We use the fabric ones all the time and the disposable ones as a back-up. ( I don't like to use anything 'disposable' on a regular basis.)

I buy the disposable ones from CVS because they are better than most and are larger. You can also buy them online.

The fabric ones are from Elder Care or Wrights, but I think Elder Store. See the link below if this interests you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elder Care Store

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I used bed pads with my mom too. They're a good backup for wearing Depend-type pull ups. I bought several washable ones for her bed and also for when I took her to appointments or outings. During the last two years of her life, she had accidents from time to time and I didn't want to stain my car interior. ( I just told her the pad was cushioned, so it made the car seat more comfortable for her. I'd do the same when she'd come to visit.) And like Westelle, I also had some disposables for back-up.

I think you need pads that are large enough to actually protect the mattress. A small pad will move around too much and may not be positioned properly to "catch" the liquid. Using a heavier pad also helps keep it in place. The link Westelle included looks pretty good. The pad is large and has wings to tuck under the mattress. That will help keep it in place.

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The washable ones do look nice, but I do not do her ldy, I would have to see if the place she is at would want them. I think the problem is, they are having to change her sheets daily? She just told me today over the phone~~what I will do is order the disposable ones from Amazon for now. Then the next time I go there I will talk to them about it and then maybe order the washable ones.

Thanks for the advice~~

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Yogalady, I just lost my mother in June. I have so many brand new washable underpads and also Tena pads similar toPoise pads. We used Poise before but then preferred Tena. If you are in Cnetral Virginia. I would love to give them to you for your mother, at no cost. Please let me know.

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My mom was in the memory care unit of her Assisted Living facility. Once it became obvious that she needed bed pads, the facility provided them and washed them. It was an extra level of care, and we were charged for that service. The staff made her bed each morning and could tell if the pad needed washing or if all the sheets needed washing too. Of course, this was a typical service for the residents of memory care.

Regular assisted living did not provide the same kinds of services. Is your mother able to do her own laundry at the AL?

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My DH was a big man...over 6' & weighed 200+ lbs. He no longer walked over a few feet & had Alzheimer's. I had no time to run from store to store for proper size diapers, etc. Some sweet soul on this forum mentioned Cheap Chux here...I contacted them the next morning. What a God send!
No more wasting time & gas chasing size, type, quantity. They were delivered to my door in a couple of days. However, the blessing was the quality! The very best pads (and adult diapers) ever for my DH. Never a odor or skin deterioration & counting time & gas expense, no more expensive than the others! (And if Dr. writes an Rx, products are Tax free.)
NO, I am not related -just grateful to a company whose owners believe in old fashioned Customer Service & deliver exactly what they advertise.
May God bless each of you Caregivers.

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