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rebob_kyDecember 17, 2008

I am getting very frustrated trying to find objective internet info on the difference between lift chairs. People on this site seem to be happy with their experience. However, I just don't know much about the product. The three health stores in town all carry different styles (only one or two each) and all give me different advice. Can anyone please advise:

-Other than the number of positions, are you getting higher quality when you go from two positions to three?

-Do brand/company ratings exist anywhere?

-Experience of shopping on the internet?

-Health care stores vs. Lazy-Boy vs. Wal-Mart

Unfortunately I am going to have to move fast. In just a few weeks Dad has gone from getting out of his chair with some difficulty to really having to struggle.

Thanking you in advance.


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i typed in consumer reviews for lift chairs and pulled this up in google, you might find something there.

Here is a link that might be useful: lift chairs

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we have a Golden power lift and recline chair. it's been in use for the last couple of years and it certainly serves its purpose and the young ones treat it like an amusement ride. the chair allows you to practically stand going forward and it doesn't allow your feet above your heart going backwards (as it should be). there's no specific settings, you do the controlling. there's a little clip on the side that holds the controller in a good spot for easy access. took me a while to discover that (duh!) there's a little pocket for the remote or whatever. it's quite comfortable.

the purchase was from an excellent pharmacy that has a line of durable medical equipment that surpasses anything else i've ever seen.

i just looked and golden has a website and the you can plug in a zip code and find a dealer nearby.

best of luck to you and your dad,

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