Sink position and faucet projection

charliehorse99February 13, 2012

Hi! I need your design-savvy help!

I can't determine the appropriate fore/aft position for a bathroom trough sink, and if it will work with a wall faucet.

I am doing a 24" deep counter/vanity.

Sink is undermount, 35" by 10" (trough style intended for two faucets)

The drain center is ~2.5" from the back of the sink (if this matters).

I am thinking of a wall faucet, the projection I found is 8.5" from wall to spout, which would put the sink at ~6" from the wall, leaving 8" in front.

Does this seem odd to have so much counter in front of the sink (asymmetrically shifted back)? I think I would prefer to have more counter behind the sink to place items.

What is the rule for how much counter goes in front of the sink? I are there longer projection wall faucets OR do I need to bump out the wall? Maybe a wall faucet is not in the cards for this sink.vanity combo!

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One thing I did when trying to get a sense of how a new faucet would fit with a remodeled sink is I taped off where the sink would be on the current vanity and then "made" a faucet out of tin foil mimicking the shape and length of the faucet and spout. I also think I read on this forum to be sure to not have the water splash down directly onto the drain cap. It worked out great. I do not have an ability to visualize so this helped me a lot. It turned out great by the way.

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