Need ideas for christmas

mikeandbarbDecember 3, 2008

At the nursing home they are having a christmas party. We are to bring one present for loved ones to open. My problem is that my dad doesn't want for anything.

I was thinking of giving him a light throw to put on his bed if he want's to lie down he can use it to cover with and putting together some pictures for his room.

With the pictures is it best to leave out old family members that have past on? I would think it would only be upsetting for him. He misses them dearly.

Thank you, Barb

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Yeah, I wouldn't give him photos of past-on loved ones. It would make anyone blue. Maybe you can find some family pictures of when his kids were young. That cheers up my Mom a lot. She calls pictures of us 4 kids her "rogues' gallery". She has them hanging in the living room. DH says I was very cute when I was little, I had curly blonde hair, now brown with gray!

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I was wondering about my childhood pictures but wasn't sure. I was a toe head LOL nearly white they said. Now I too have dark brown with lot's of gray, getting to be more gray than brown.

Thank you, Barb

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Early picutres of the family would be great! Get an album so that he can sit and look and think about the good times. Maybe you could find some of him when he was little.

Does he like dogs and cats? Make up a selection of cute animal pictures too. I always get a big lift when I see a cute puppy picture. The Internet is full of great ones. Of course, if he never cared much for pets, it would mean little to him.....just a passing thought.

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He loves animals. I was thinking of letting his great grandkids buy hima stuff animal cat or dog to take him.

I don't want him to be sad so I want to be careful at how a put the pictures together.


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Great idea Barb for the great grand kids!! My Dad had a sweet tooth so I always got him a small box of Rose Bud chocolates ( HIS FAV ). Throw is always nice for them as well.

Sounds like you're on the right track! Are you feeling better? I remember you were right wiped out..


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Give him a current picture of you and the grandkids.
I do that with my Mom. I love the idea of a throw. Does he have a favorite sports team? There are some folks where my Mom is who are the local university fanatics. They have sweatshirts, pennants, throws, hats, etc for the team. One lady dresses in the school colors for every football and basketball game. The throw on her lap has the school mascot.

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If you do decide to fix up an album of the family, take time to identify each picture. Such as, who it is, when was his birthday, and where the piciture was taken. Something like "SueAnn on her 5th birthday, April 20. She was born on 4-20-63 to John and Mary Doe.

Make the print easy to read. Give yourself plenty of room. This sort of album will also help when and if the memory gets fuzzy. It's confusing to all of us when we see a young face and can't recall the occasion.

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Great ideas everyone. I was thinking of just putting pictures in a large frame but maybe a small brag book would be nice also. It's not like there are many of us.

My grand daughter is into sports and I have a picture of her in her valley ball uniform. My grand son has started doing any sports yet he's in the 3rd grade.

My grand daughter reminds dad of my mom.

Dad like sweetest but gave them up cause he gained to much weight. He does like cake without icying.

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My Dad has been in heaven since 1998. I used to buy him his favorite snacks as gifts, chocolate covered raisins and dried apricots. Wish I could give him some now.

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