Old German Plate

bowlmanDecember 5, 2010

Age/Value/Purpose thats all I want to know. I have found some info on the markings.

Number 25 is mine.Hornberg (23-25)

Fayence. Late 19th century.

23-25 Horn Bros.


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Sure doesn't look like faiance to me...more like stoneware.
It's decorative I am sure...but have no idea of the age nor the value.
But it's nice...

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It appears to be a decorative plate for display only. If it were pressed into service, maybe it could be used as a cookie plate.

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Another mystery piece in my collection. I have a lot of mystery antiques.

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It's a piece of German Majolica - purely for decorative use. Majolica's been around for centuries but I'd guess this to the late Victorian era. You could probably get $20 for it since the "face medallion types" don't seem to be as widely prized by collectors as the nature motifs.

I've collected American majolica for years - waxes and wanes in value. Getting very hard to find.

They used tin glazes (which is why the crafters, decorators and glaziers didn't live long and healthy lives) so I don't recommend serving food or that lovely array of cookies on it.

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