Hood for induction cooktop

saeyedocFebruary 8, 2014

Starting to get to the phase where I am picking out appliances for upcoming major remodel.
Leaning towards the Miele 36" Induction cooktop right now, with wall mount ventilation. Some heavy duty cooking will be done outdoors on a 60k BTU Firemagic Power Burner, so I think I can keep CFM needs at a moderate level.
Looking at the Zephyr Venezia or Miele DA3995. Both are pyramidal shaped.
Good choices? Other suggestions?

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I installed a VAH and used it today for the first time. Had some serious reservations about it after reading some threads on this forum. mainly about how loud they can be and about ease of cleaning. I have no issues with the cleaning aspect, and It is quieter than the OTR micro that it replaces.

At this point I am very happy with my purchase given the price I found it for. search out kitchenfoundry on ebay and see if they have anything you like.

as far as the two you referenced, I would pass on both. I would not put a hood with mesh filters in my kitchen. Find something with baffles. Also, the shallow canopies are less than ideal in my research. something deeper will be more functional.

Rule of thumb is to go 6" wider than your cooktop, so you will ideally want to find a 42" wide hood...though you can go 36"

modern aire is the other brand I personally was going to buy. I have seen decent things said about kobe as well. good luck

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Thanks, I think I'm going to look into a Kobe hood. VAH seems like a pain to clean.

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go look at a VAH in person before your read all the fud posted here. I had seen one in person prior to even finding this site and it is literally 5 seconds worth of work to pull the boxes..... and reading things here had me second guessing myself and what I experienced in real life.

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