Sifter Struggles

mimijacobsDecember 27, 2013

Been trying forever to find a wing nut that will fit on the threaded end of the hand crank of my Hoosier's flour bin sifter head and can't seem to locate one. That's all that's wrong with the sifter and if I can keep from having to shell out the $41 for a new sifter head I'd like to. Anyone know where to buy those wing nuts????

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First, you need to know the tread size, and then make a trip to your favorite hardware store. One way to measure the tread is to try on some ordinary nuts from your 'junk 'n stuff' bin. If you find one that fits, it will have the proper thread size. The alternative is to take the sifter with you to the store and fit a wing nut to it.

The other place where you might find a wing nut is an automotive parts store.

If the sifter is 40 yrs old and was sold in the US, it likely has SAE threads; If it was made in Europe. it will have metric threads; and If it was made in Canada, it will likely have metric treads, but could have SAE.

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My DH suggests this thumb nut? Might it work?

Here is a link that might be useful: Knurled Brass Nut

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I'd already been the rounds with taking it into the hardware store, etc., and nobody local had anything that fit. The brass nut suggested is actually what connects the sifter head to the bin. I have those on my sifter/bin and did try it but that won't work either. For now I have resolved the issue with washers and a wing nut. Will see how long that works. May be looking at replacing the sifter head entirely anyway. Thanks for all the input though!

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This might be a longshot, but you could try to locate a machinist to make a wingnut with the proper thread. A hobbyist might do this for the cost of material and postage. Link to a machinists forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Shop Machinist Forum

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