Is a 'professional' needed to install a Bluestar range

paulggFebruary 3, 2011

Thanks to avidly reading the appliance forum over the last few months, I decided on buying a Bluestar RCS 30" range. Since I bought it from a wholesaler, installation is up to me. The kitchen remodel is still in progress, so I thought I would ask the wise and experienced people of this forum whether the range can be installed by my contractor or whether an authorized installer is needed. The FAQ on the Bluestar website states:

"Do I need to have my range professionally installed?

Yes, it is highly recommended that a qualified technician install your BlueStar product AND complete the Manufacturer's Performance Checklist included in the manual. For a list of qualified technicians in your area, please contact your BlueStar dealer."

The answer is somewhat contradictory ("Yes" you "need to" vs. "highly recommended"). What is your opinion? Would there be any warranty issues? Do people have any installation suggestions or tips?



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I recently installed a 30" that I also purchased out of state, and had to line up my own installation.

Only thing you need is for your local gas company to come out and hook up the range to your gas line and fine tune the gas/air mixture for your burners. The stove's design is VERY simple, and any qualified gas company tech should quickly be able to perform any venturi adjustments to the top burners and oven burner that may be needed.

There is a checklist in the owners manual that BS wants checked off by the gas company tech and then mailed in to them to start your warranty.

In addition to the air mixture adjustments, you may also need to adjust the HIGH to LOW ratio of the top burners, and possibly the thermostat for the oven. Our tech adjusted the HIGH LOW, but I later wanted to tweak them and I did those additional tweaks myself having some experience adjusting restaurant stoves which are very similar to the BlueStar. I also tweaked the thermostat in my oven since it was riding a bit on the high side of the setting. Also very easy to do using a set screw inside the shaft of the oven knob. (just need to remove a bit of silicon putty they plug into that shaft to protect the thermostat screw during shipment)

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Thanks, Goldengoose, for that information. I did read through the manual about adjustments. I wonder whether our licensed contractor would be able to do the gas/air mixture adjustments -- I'll ask him, and if he feels unqualified I'll contact PG&E to see if they do that type of in-home service.

BTW, how do you like the Bluestar? I've got the RCS model and I'm keen for the remodeling to be done so I can try it out (it's like getting a present, but not having batteries to run it!).

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Not sure if it makes a difference, but I would think that BlueStar would "prefer" to have your gas company do the hook up because they also want the line pressure checked and signed off etc. There was someone on here with a Capital range that was having what appeared to be pressure issues, and they had the range hooked up by a contractor and not their gas company.

As for the stove... We are LOVING it! Best stove outside of a restaurant environment I have ever used.

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Similar to what Goldengoose is saying, there really is no "install" per se. As long as you have a properly sized gas line and a dedicated 15A circuit (to run the glow plugs and spark) you are 95% there. Any good plumber (cough) should be gas certified and can help with the checklist in the manual.

If Bluestar will do the White Glove service for you (don't see why they wouldn't) they will do all the initial adjustments for free.


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Hi Stooxie,
Our contractor is very good and has all the licenses, so I expect he can do it. Since we got the RCS model, the White Glove service is not included -- I don't know whether that can be request as a fee service.


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Just curious where you ordered the range. I am also planning to buy a Bluestar and there are no dealers in my area.

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Paul, got it. If your flames are all blue (occasional orange tips are ok) and your oven holds the right temp you don't need the White Glove service. That's really all it is. It's about 30 minutes worth of work if you had to pay for the service.

Ribs, I had no dealers in my area either. I ordered mine from Eurostoves (500 miles away) just before their relationship was severed and everything was fine. I don't think it matters where you order from, they are all drop shipped from the factory in Reading, PA, unless a local place has one in stock.


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My husband did the installation of our 30RNB. He also did the gas lines and shut off valves. He has done this kind or work before. The most challenging thing about the install is making sure the gas and electric are placed so they don't prevent the range from being placed all the way back against the wall. Also remembering to prep the site by getting some tile on to the wall behind the stove. We nearly forgot to do this as we won't be doing the rest of the backsplash til much later. We also had some extra insulation material left over from another project (white on one side and silver quilted on the other) and we lined the cabs on both sides of the range.

We had the White Glove service done a few days later. He checked all the gas connections external to the range as well as the range itself. He also showed me how to make adjustments.

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Hi Ribs,
I got mine in northern California -- there is a wholesaler who advertised on Craigslist. There is also a dealer in southern California who was selling for the same price but of course shipping would have been extra.

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In the installation instructions it says the gas line has to be no more that 1.5 inches deep from the wall and no more than 3 inches high. I'm having a RNB30 installed and my current line is 3 inches high, but 3 inches from the back wall. How big of a problem is this?

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Urgent55, I just got the RNB30, and the instructions just said no more than 3 inches high, but otherwise didn't say anything. There is a bump in at the back, scroll down about 1/2 way down the page on the link and there is a good photo of it, so if you are in the bump in, it should work. I didn't find that page until after I installed mine, so i had the gas line come up from the floor , and then had a 90 degree angle and a shutoff installed there so it was all under 3 inches high, based on some suggestions on another post. That way it doesn't matter if the shutoff is more than 3 inches from the back, because the legs are 3 inches high, you just loop the flex line under the range, back to the back of the range

Here is a link that might be useful: photo of back of bluestar

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I followed the same approach as the second to last photo on the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: installation of Bluestar

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I did the install on mine a while ago so I don't remember the whole thing, but isn't there something with the warranty if you have a Bluestar certified person install?? I thought they gave you an extra year on the warranty if you had one of their people install. I had a Bluestar person install mine. I bought mine through Ebay, so I wanted to cover all my bases.

It was like a hundred bucks and found him by emailing Bluestar.

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I moved my old existing gas outlet from the wall behind, and brought up through the floor. I also installed my own range, which amounts to connecting the flex and plugging in a cord. I don't know if that voids the warranty, hopefully I'll never need to find out...

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I also installed mine, including extending the gas pipe, installing a new shut off valve and buying the flex hose. Not a big deal. Adjusted my own air shutters.

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