Top-loading HE washer & dryer for us?

nelles_gwFebruary 10, 2013

My Whirpool washer/dryer pair are about 7.5 years old. The washing maching has been repaired once, just last Nov., because the switch to make it "go" needed replacing.

Now the electric dryer is running, but has no heat. It probably needs a heating element, but it could be 3 other things. DH doesn't feel comfortable trying to do the "fix", so we'll be calling a repairman.

Anyway, when it comes to replacing the washer/dryer, I "think" I want a H/E top loading set.

But I know how terribly expensive the sets are, and now I'm wondering if it's worth the investment for us.

It's just DH & me, and I do, on average, 8 loads a week. Nothing is too large. Right now, I go to a laundromat when I want to wash blankets and comforters.

We live in FL, where water is expensive. But I don't know how long it would take to recover the expense of H/E top loaders.

I'd appreciate everyone's thoughts & opinions.


I also posted this on the Laundry forum.

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I also posted this on the Laundry forum...

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I have to remember the details, but I had a Kenmore (made by Whirlpool) king-sized top load washer and dryer. I sold them about a year-and-a-half ago. Anyway, the dryer wouldn't stay on. If I held the start button down, it stayed on- but it did get hot. From what I remember, there were two identical "relays" behind the top part of the dryer. One kept it going, and one made it get hot. My husband and I found out about it online and changed the relay ourselves (which turned out to be pretty easy) for about $8.00. Funny that it was also about 7 years old when it happened. What model dryer do you have? It is a cheap and easy fix if it's the same basic model dryer.

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The model number on our Whirlpool dryer is LEQ9508PWO.

My husband & I don't want to tackle the repair since there are a number of things that could be broken.

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beachlily z9a

I've had the HE topload GE washer/dryer for about 4 years and have had no problems with it. Like it so well we purchased a pair for our niece when she bought her first home. I'm in FL too, and the GE does a great job. I wash king sized blankets--it has a very big load capacity. I tend to keep adding to the load in process--that's easy to do with the toploader. Research indicated that LG makes the HE top loader for GE.

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LEQ9508PW0 (zero at the end, not letter O)

Most probable items (prices quoted from an online source) --

-- Heating Element 279838 - $35.95
(or alternate ER279838 - $27.50)

-- Thermostat Kit 279816 (includes both Hi-Limit Thermostat on element frame and Thermal Fuse on heater box) - $22.30

-- Operating Thermostat 8318268 - $21.57

Unlikely all of those items are bad, but even if they were, the parts total is $71 (standard ground shipping is only $6.95), which is considerably less than $450 to $500 for a new dryer (or *much* more than that for a new washer/dryer pair).

Less likely --

-- Timer 3406725 - $82.37

-- Motor 279827 - $67.83
(or alternate ER279827 - $54.75)

Your choice, of course, but seems more reasonable to repair than buy new.

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We paid $728 each for washer and dryer for a LG WT510HV. newer model is the WT5170HV.

It is 4.7cuft and washes fantastic even in cold water, very quiet.
Have had them for about year and a half now without any problems and would definitely buy them again.

Always go with Top Load, far fewer problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG washer dryer

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