How does stress affect you?

ginnierDecember 30, 2005

I have been having pain in my feet and hands and wrists...each lasting maybe a day or two, leaving behind a bit of stiffness. But it keeps coming back SOMEwhere and it does not seem to in the same spot. Last night it was at the top of my arm, almost to the shoulder, maybe a tendon??? I have trouble sleeping if I can't get comfortable. DOes this sound like stress? My DH thinks it's stress as a result of dealing with my elderly parents and their meds. appts and infirmities...there's always some sort of tangle at their house. How does stress affect YOU?

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It could definitely be stress -- your muscles could be involuntarily tensing up. Have you been to the doctor?

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One thing that causes this type of pain is a B12 deficency. It's rather hard to diagnose as it's a matter of eliminating everything else, then giving a round of B12 injections. If it is a deficency, improvement will be seen within a few injections. B12 by pill doesn't work as the body has have some sort of bacteria in the intestinal tract to convert it so it can be used . Ask your doctor. But, to answer your question.....yes it could be stress, but the fact that it jumps around, I would think B12.

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Love that picture. The face expresses this morning's outlook on life!!! I think I'll use it as a background on my desktop for a while.
What a way to start the New Year.

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Happy New Year to all:

Great photo!!
Ginnier, stress can either exacerbate a problem you have or it can cause problems. For me, it always affects me as pain, either in my muscles or tendons or joints, or all three; mainly in my lower back, hips and legs. It also affects my sleep, which in turn, causes more pain. The less stress I have, the better I feel physically. The best way I deal with stress is with exercise, but there are times that I am so stressed that I'm too exhausted to exercise, so it's kind of a vicious cycle. I hope you can find a way to de-stress and feel better,

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Well, i think everyone knows that i get migraines! the kind where i get so sick it's not even funny and i literally sleep on an ice blanket! i can't sleep sometimes and i also get soreness, or i get so tired i sleep all day! but i still have to get up and give insulin and meds. i'm still gieving over our little one "Buddy" and i'm so short with everyone here that i want to just be left alone, which is not like me, i also don't have any interest in my hobbies lately. Al's sister came by yesterday and she got him depressed and stressed too, he was not impressed by not being included in packing up his mother's belongings, e said he lost his legs not his mind or anythinh else, he was also stressed that his sister only brought over 2 dinner bells and a fancy tea pot, even though he said he didn't want anything. he also found out that the sisters put their mothers things in storage, no reason why this was done, he figured they are going to have a yard sale come spring to pay for her funeral. he also made the rude comment, when this is all over, we don't have to bother with any of them anymore. i know they are not close, but coming from his mouth i knew he was so hurt to be excluded and he never gets mad at anyone, infact i think i've heard him only yell once, so because of this he has not slept and has sprayed himself with alot of nitro spray.

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stress affects each of us in different ways...

sleeplessness, appetite issues, muscle tension, headaches, tummy troubles, arthritic symptoms...

in general, stress is just that. more weight on a system that's already running at capacity.

and your wandering ache sounds about par for the course- mine wandered from old injury to old injury while my dad was sick- it was like I was reliving every sprained ankle and ear infection of my childhood.

in your case, the B vitamin shot doesn't sound like a bad idea, as well as doing some experimenting with heat and cold packs to see which works best on your roving joint pain (heat works for me 85% of the time)

I've had some luck with hot pepper oil added to my regular massage balm (but I'm ok with experimenting on myself) and then wrapping the ouchy spot in a towel to hold the heat int while I rest.

and resting is important. not just sleep, but the stretching kind as well.

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If you take into account the holistic approach to health problems and healing them, you might want to get a book or two from the library about this. Some suggested authors are Louise Hay, Caroline Myss and of course that wonderful ob/gyn Dr. Christiane Northrup who combines her formal medical training with a holistic approach to what is causing problems. I'm not suggesting for one moment anything can be substituted for medical treatment by a doctor; however I think conventional medicine can work hand in glove with a different approach as to why these parts of the body act up. As in why is it hands/feet/wrists and not knees/elbows? I think our bodies reflect our emotions and find this information fascinating. Certainly working with this helped me to alleviate a long-standing back problem that came up when caring for my elderly mother (as in "carrying the world on your shoulders").

The thinking is that feet represent fear of moving forward, and insecurity about being where you are. Also, thereÂs the feeling that too many demands are being made on you. As in "itÂs time to stand on your own two feet" mentally.

Hands can either hold on or let go; a sore thumb represents worry and the inability to hold on to joy.

Wrists represent ease and movement.

Numbness can mean you feel "dead" mentally.

Stiffness represents rigid thinking.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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I woke up one morning with peculiar chest pains, like a shadow passing over. Ran to pharmacy & bought a bottle of aspirin before I took mom on appointments.Next day I did go to Dr. where I broke down in tears at EKG- not a heart attack. She diagnosed an anxiety attack. I don't quite buy it so did go see the cardiologist she recommended. He did another EKG but seems normal. So I've been started on Lexapro. Since that original chest pain, dad has fallen once where paramedics were called, mom has phlebitis in foot & dh's EKG indicates he has had a heart attack. His TKR is Feb 21, but I guess we can say that is subject to change.

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