New member, please help identify sofa

bill_ri_z6bDecember 11, 2009

I have no idea what to call this type of sofa, how old it is, value, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Well it's not a "typical" style....purely a guess here...based on the shape and the carving. But I would guess about 1910 to 1930.
Value? Who's in big need of reupholstering which will run easily $1200 to perhaps more...It's not a classic style...I don't think you would get more than a couple of hundred for it.
Linda C

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I know it's not "typical" and that's probably why I couldn't find any similar ones online anywhere. As for reupholstering I suppose that depends on personal preference. Maybe someone else here has more information. This is all new to me. I do know that it is at least 70 years old and most likely older, so your estimate of age might be very close.

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It is very unusual, but there do seem to be a fair number of sofas from the 1930s still around, at least if our craigslist is any indication. So unusual doesn't always equate to valuable. And value depends a lot on where you are... if you can access a couple of million buyers, you can probably price it higher than if you have just a few hundred at a rural used furniture store.

I don't see the urgent need for reupholstery either, though it would be a fun project.

I don't know where you've looked online, but I would check craigslists of some of the bigger cities, search for words that someone might use to sell their grandparents' couch. Google won't always find ads as well as you can by going to the individual city sites.

Around here (Vancouver, BC, Canada), I'd probably list it for $700 and see what happens. Maybe even a bit more. You can always drop the price; it's tough to raise it! If it doesn't move for a while, say "OBO."


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This looks similar to my couch. I'd guess yours to be more teens/20 than later, judging from the rather ornate carving. Things got less "swirly" as the art deco style became popular in the 1920s/30s.

I bought a similar couch and matching chair. Mine are probably a bit later than yours (late 20s/30s) but have wood carving on the front and bottom. (Mine also has wood along the top edge.) Mine had also been reuphostered, in the 1950s. The original owner had passed away and his family was selling off his things. The set was in very good condition and I haven't reuphostered it yet as it seems to be doing fine. For both the couch and matching chair I paid $450. This was last year and in Chicago. Hope that's of some help.

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Does yours also have the double rolled arm AND the upholstered panel inset? These are the two features I have not been able to find in any other sofas online. I have seem some double rolled arms, but no sofas at all with the panels inset into the carving. I also have a matching chair, with the same carving and feet, but not with double rolled arms nor the insets. There is another co-ordinated chair similar but not exact match. The three pieces were found by my parents as a set in the 1950's from a Victorian era estate.

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Fori is not pleased

It's very stylish! I love it! But is it comfy?

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It was very comfortable with a fairly high back and those double rolled arms. The cushions have gotten weak over time, but they are zippered and so the filling/foam can be replaced. There is an issue with the spring(s) on the left side, but they can be repaired from the bottom. If I can get some info I want to put the whole set up on Craig's list.

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The funny thing about CL is that it rarely matters what an item's pedigree is. CL sales seem to go on sheer local value. If someone could compile what things actually sell for on CL, it would be the best indicator of a local marketplace that you could get. Of course you can't get that, but what you can get info on is speed of sale... I watch my local CL furniture listings like a hawk just as a hobby, and I often bookmark items to check whether they sell or not... assuming the seller deletes the ad relatively promptly, you can get a sense for what ads get a response at what price. (actually it's tough to keep records as the bookmark doesn't show you what the price was... I also clip and paste ads into a draft email for later reference and comparison). Obsessive? Absolutely. Beats dusting though.


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I believe it came from an estate in Newport, Rhode Island. Possibly one of the mansions but I am not sure. It did come from that area however.

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