2 good websites for caregivers

jkom51December 3, 2009

Somehow I missed these weblinks when they first appeared, but I checked them out and they are still good. The "to do list" link is especially helpful:


Pre-built Âto do listsÂ, for various subjects such as: AlzheimerÂs, planning a funeral, determining if the elderly can live independently, a diagnosis of cancer or stroke, helping seniors manage their finances, what to do when someone dies.


"How to Prepare When Elderly Parents Move In With Adult Children"

More and more parents are moving in with their adult children, and the trend probably won't reverse anytime soon. As nursing home costs continue to rise, children and their parents are finding that living together is a better arrangement, both financially and emotionally. But having a parent move in is a big adjustment for everyone, and it is important to be prepared. Preparations can range from making physical adjustments to the house to figuring out finances. The following are some things to think about.

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