I'm one of the Bah Humbugs!!

LFPB4December 25, 2005

Coming from a more or less disfunctional family, I don't have memories of happy Christmases. I have a hard time with the words "Happy" and "Merry" even though I know that most of you do hold these times close to your heart...... Therefore, let me take this time to give you BEST WISHES for the strength you need to get you through this time with your loved ones. Let's all look forward to a Better New Year! Peace and Good Will are worth more than all the gifts that money can buy.


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PB, thank you for your wishes! every year i too have a hard time, i don't mind the decorating part or even the cooking, it's the gift part that drives me around the wall! as you can see by my other posts we do not go overboard in that department, and never will, but it's the other people, shall i say relatives -specifically they probably buy their brats everything it seems from sear catologue and then some. and also people comparing how much so and so spent on them. i will be the first to admit that i am happy just to have the 4 of us share our supper together with no having to bite our tongues hoping we will not offend other relatives. and your gift of your friendship to mis priceless, so PB thanks for being a good friend! hugs, debbie

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Hi Aileen...I agree it can be hard to find the exact way to express your wishes for the holidays. I think you hit the nail on the head. It was a "topsy-turvy" day...I spent it at work. Lots of Christmas babies born. Then the usual "cocaine party" sequela...every year a couple of people kill their babies doing crack while pregnant....some folks are just not smart!!! Something else to be thankful for...common sense! well...gone for another year. Maybe we'll have it figured out by next year. Do you think? DW

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Nope, we may figure out how to change human nature, but I'm not betting on it. There's always something new.
I can remember working at the hospital so my clerks could get off and I would have an excuse not to go to my mother's. The only ones going home would be the new moms and their babies. One year the nursery gave the babies bright red Santa hats to wear home. Cute!

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For some reason while driving in the car, i picked up a radio station in Minneapolis, Minnesota, probably a 5 hour drive from us, some of the things the man said on talk radio were so true, you spend all the time picking out gifts, only you argue with maybe a spouse if you should get it or the other thing (fighting), the greed in the person getting the gift, the have to spend time with "those relatives) and it went on and on like this, and the ending was what is so Merry about Merry Christmas? I think one of the most perfect gifts for me would probably be that everyone at my house could fend for themselves and basically let me stay in bed and just leave me alone - lol, but that will never happen! we took Matthew to work for 7 am this morning, on the way there people were at future shop (your american best buy) they opened at 6, Wal-mart was a zoo, Carley and i stopped in there on the way home, give me a pat here, we came out empty handed, and to zellers at the mall(these stores may be bought by Target). it was crazy all over the place, so much for peace and goodwill towards men, people were like they came out of a jungle, they were rude, mean and just well......!-lol. I'd much rather "chat" with all of you here! Enjoy your day, we're starting - Carley and I our holiday jigsaw puzzle, drive carefully too, it's raining here! and 33! ps think of Matthew working at the sporting goods store today, hope is doesn't get hit with a hockey stick by anyone! debbie

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The stores in December drive me nuts, not to mention the traffic. We decided this year not to go into town any more on weekends in December or late November. We were in town on a Saturday a couple weeks back and someone bumped our truck from behind while in line to turn onto the access road. Not bad, since the line was barely moving, but I was afraid DH couldn't take that jolt. Thank goodness he was okay later. We only bought presents for each other and DD's family (other than a little something for some friends who had a really bad year). It just doesn't make sense to try to buy presents for a lot of other people. I always hated that. I don't think that's what Christmas is about.

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Linda, i have this rule with me because i am home all the time, i never go shopping after 4pm during the week or on saturdays, because i feel this is the day for people who work probably can only go shopping at these times, so they don't need any extra bodies in their way. our son said the mall was crazy just like the people! we watched Toronto ontario news last nite on tv, people fighting over parking spots and there was even a shooting! caarley and i gave each other manicures last nite after we started the jigsaw. today should be interesting Al's other sister is flying in today and 3 of the 4 of the siblings are going to start going through the mil's stuff, it was a surprise to Al that he got included in this, i told him dont bring anything home except old photos, he said good idea because there isn't anything he wanted. the sisters are then putting her stuff in storage, Al has no idea, but he thinks that they are probably going to have a yard sale in the spring to make money for pay for her funeral, since she left the earth with nothing, she also had a thing in her will that if you wanted anything you had to buy it and that money goes to her so-called estate, weird, i just can't get rid of this woman! we have a heat-wave here of 33 out! we'll take all we can get since our heating bill is around 350.00 a month in the winter!

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Really??? I mean, the part if you wanted something you had to buy it? Sorry, but it really made me laugh...
Today it was 46 here in chicago...like you, our heating bills last winter during the cold months were over $400...I LOVE this weather, although I HATE what happens to our yard...snow is melting and it's very muddy...with three dogs, well, I'm having to wipe 12 paws every time they go out!!!
Sounds like you and Carley have a wonderful relationship...doing puzzles and given each other manicures...how nice for you,

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Mimi, yes if you wanted anything, bring cash! we have first dibs if we want to buy anything! What a weird thing to have in a will, we wouldn't mind if she had nice things, but mostly all the stuff was when she owned a house and the house came with the furniture! so basically she got the stuff free in the first place!-lol. how much would a bell or spoon collection be in the "marketplace"- or could you just buy one bell and 2 spoons -lol. i think this was one of her stupid ideas, also if she didn't want anyone to have anything when she was alive, why would we want it now. when she moved from her house to her fav. daughters in ottawa, i had to buy this small end table for Al to have beside the bed so he could put his meds. etc. on it, i think it cost me 25.00! after i bought it i remembering getting out of there real fast! well it's been a real melting kindof day today so i'm a happy camper! debbie

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