Mixing curb designs in same shower?

jaidogFebruary 2, 2012

A crude drawing of my shower layout:

+....48" curb ........+


:....................24" Curb





I would like to have a solid piece of stone for the curb on the 48" side, and just use tile for the curb on the 24" side. The 48" curb will have a glass panel on top of the solid stone. The 24" curb is the "entrance" to the shower.

I am concerned that this may look odd. Any opinions? Has anyone done or seen something similar? If so, please share photos.


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There is absolutely nothing wrong with what you are proposing. It's fairly common to have a stone curb top on one or more curbs that will take glass and to just have the entry step-over curb tiled.

If the stone curb relates to other materials in the bathroom, example, it's the same material as the countertop, the tub deck, the windowsill, some other horizontal stone surface, a shelf or bench top inside the shower...I can see it relating better.

That's not to say that it won't look fine if it is it's own material. But if you can integrate it with other materials in the bathroom, it'll make it look less odd, that's assuming it'll look odd in the first place.

You know what materials you're thinking of using, we don't. So by asking, you're sort of admitting that is doesn't coordinate as well as you think it should.

So try to make it coordinate. Color, texture, material, etc. Have it relate to another material in the bathroom.

But your basic question...nothing wrong with what you are asking, differing materials for the glass curbs versus the step-over entry curb.

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Thanks for the advice. And, you are correct, I'm having a tough time determining what the curb top should be. Main reason is that we are thinking of something slate-like for the shower (the posting you replied to months ago) and I doubt I'll be able to get a piece of stone to match the slate.

I like your idea of coordinating the curb material with other surfaces in the bathroom. Maybe we'll have it match the countertops if we can't match the shower tile.

Thanks again.

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