Bathroom/ mudroom plan help please

bshoe321February 14, 2014

We are moving our kitchen to the other end of the house. This gives me space for a guest bath and mudroom Whoop! It's just my husband and I as the kids have moved out. He works in construction and come home pretty dirty. We have drawn several scenarios and cannot come up with something we both agree on. I think we will have to take out the 6 ft window and the 3 ft window. The future garage will be on the side where the 3 ft window is anyway. The room is 20 x 12 . Two blocks = 1 ft. Walls can go any where.
My wants are this for the mudroom.
Washer and dryer with a place to access behind the dryer. It's a bummer to hook up
Hang coats, bins for hats gloves and dog treats
Place for shoes
Cleaning supplies including vacuum and brooms
And a place to put dog beds
As for the guest bath anything goes except we are reusing a 4x3 shower

What do you all think? Any ideas? Thank you for looking!

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A few questions:
Are you keeping all the things you have sketched out in the mudroom section or are they all relocating to the new kitchen?

Is the exterior door just below the refrigerator?

is the door to the rest of the house on the right wall where the bathroom and mudroom meet?

What is in the area behind the toilet? Or is the shower bumped out?

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Your picture that you posted is the old layout right? What is the layout that you have to work with? Without the kitchen. Is the bathroom in the current location as on this first image above?

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You have a nice rough plan of the dimensions you want to work with. What I would do is cut out, to scale, elements you want in the room and locate them, then photograph each layout, before moving on to the next layout. Keep moving things around and see what you come up with. Then post some options you like for feedback.

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