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gabby_49December 4, 2005

Hey gal, it is good to be back. Don't know what was wrong ,but when I use to try and get on saying it was having technical difficulties. I just finally after months quit trying. I wrote to Breezy and she gave me the link and it worked. I was happy for that. I seen where you posted, and saying your Dad has good and bad days. It is always so sad for them to lose a loved one, that they have had for many years. I guess he just probably goes through the motions of everyday and I am sure with living with you, you keep him going. I know it must be good for him to have you, in his life. To many just go down hill when they are left alone.

We are still on the road,in the R.V. We moved to Indy, to be closer to his work. Nice that you can hook up and roll your home with you. Better than motels for sure.

All has been fine since Lara died. It soon will be a year in Febuary. Dh has handled it well, but misses her so much. It is strange to go downstairs and not see them, I feel your pain, altho I complained alot, you never know how precious they are until you lose them. No more talking to them, or seeing their presence. My daughter says it is strange to go down and not see her. I have tried to make it my home, but there will always be her memories down there,of her. I re-done her bedroom, and painted and put a new comfortor on. Thought maybe it would help DH, to not see the room as she left it. I can relate to hwo you feel, altho it wasn't my Mother.

Well I am trying to get ready for Christmas, how about you? I have put all the trees up, and buying now. I have to coninue the fruit cakes as Lara wanted me to carry on the tradition. I send several out ot family memebers.

I bet it does help working again, even if just for 8 hours a week. I am sure, it is less stressful than all week. Well Dear, Have A wonderful Holiday and let me hear from you.....HUGS Gabby

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Gabby, So good to hear from you. Sounds like you are and have been busy....thought when your kids were all grown that things slowed down....LOL...not so. We are doing o.k.....I still go down...like you do....and I miss Mom so much....had a good cry yesterday...Dad and I....been on the phone many times about Social Security Death Benifit...well the funeral home handles that...anyway...SS messed up...finally got it taken care of...it was important to my Dad....told me yesterday that it was Mom's money and she would have wanted me and my sister to have it....my sweet Dad...always giving....we both just sat there and had a good cry. Going to be hard this Christmas...always loved buying for Mom...will miss that beautiful smile you got when you helped her open her gifts. Mom and Dad always gave each of the grandaughters and great grandkids an ornament with money...I took over after Mom couldn't....this year I bought clear ornaments and I am putting Mom and Dad's wedding picture in it. Trying to get ready....think it is great that you are keeping the tradition of Lara's fruit cakes...it is important that we keep them going and pass them on. Yes I enjoy my 8 hours....and the money...not alot...but it is my mad money!!LOL Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...my cousin is having it done today....I am sure all will be o.k...let us know as soon as you can. Will be checking in and hope that we can keep in touch....don't get on the puter as much as I did...my daughter is on alot with her college work. Take care and again prayers are being lifted for you. Nora

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Dear Nora....So good to be in touch again. Love the "idea" abotu the ornaments you are going to do. I always write cards to my family, Mother and Dad who are deceased, and hang on the tree. Guess I will add one for Lara now. Sure will be a sad Christmas with -out seeing her too. I don't miss whe wheelchair tho being in the way. Last year she made a cake with coconut and couldn't get it right. It was so good tho, I told her look ,it looks great, and it was good. I don't think she felt good then. If we had only knew that would be the last Christmas, we could have made it so much better. But who ever knows. SAD isn't it?

Well I am just about finished with gift buying. I shopped all last week, until we had a big snow storm which dumped abotu 7 " at Indy and also here in Kentucky. Not my favorite thing, (snow). I am ready to head south.

I do hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and that your Dad will get through it alright. So sad, when they lose their loved one. Get out pictures and talk of the good times. I think they like to go down memory lane, refreshes them.Get a cup of hot chocolate, warm blankies, curl up on the couch and enjoy. May you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. HUGS Gabby

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