Victoria and Albert tub

ripleys_mumFebruary 29, 2012

Hi All,

I have two questions. One, we are replacing an '80s jacuzzi tub and have decided on the Victoria and Albert York. Has anyone ordered the tub online and if so, from what company and was it a positive experience. I've seen the tub online for about $2100 (not including the drain assembly). The local plumbing suppliers are quoting $2700 + shipping + the drain assembly, I'm guessing $3000+ for a total. The advantage to shopping local is the guarantee that the tub will be pristine and if there are problems the plumbing supply company will take care of them. On the other hand the extra cost could be spent on the faucet.

Two, I'd be interested in the faucet brands York owners have chosen. The V&A website has a great faucet with the York, but doesn't sell it (I called & the representative didn't know the brand).

Many thanks in advance for the advice!


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I just had the V&A Antibes installed (LOVE IT!!), keeps nice and warm during a bath. I was not able to see it before purchasing and was very concerned about ordering it online also, but the cost difference was a huge factor for me. I ordered it from and it was such a smooth transaction. It comes by frieght and they did an awesome job keeping me updated. The tub came on a pallet, in a giant box and was wrapped in foam and heavy duty saran wrap stuff. I did unpack it down to the foam and saran wrap to check that it wasn't damaged upon arrival. No scratches, nothing. It looks great installed and feels silky (best description I can give).
But i do highly reccommend Quality Bath, we ordered all of our faucets and fixtures and sinks from them and they did a great job keeping us updated with delivery times. They are also very friendly on the phone too as tub had to be ordered via phone call.
Good luck!

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Many thanks microbugs! (by any chance are you a paleo person?) Anyways, the local plumbing supply is very expensive, so I will pursue My hubby doesn't want to buy online but the 1K+ difference is significant, at least to me.
Did you buy the V&A drain too? It looks like it's specific to V&A. I'll need faucets, sinks, etc... so I'm off to fondle via internet :-D
Thanks again!!

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I too ordered the V&A York from Quality bath they have had it backordered since Feb 19 and just called yesterday to let me know its on its way email and phone. I sat it the Tub in our local supply place and loved it it is spacious for two but not a giant footprint. And yes very sturdy silky feel more like a corian solid surface than porc. feel. The price saved me about 1000$ you have to get the drain with it.
The customer service (Mimi) FABULOUS! The website is difficult to search with unless you already know brands spec. models etc. Not bad just more time consuming.

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