Pedestal tub vs Clawfoot

krayersFebruary 14, 2012

We are about to begin the remodel of our master bathroom which involves replacing both the tub & shower. The room is not huge so we're choosing to go with a freestanding tub. I'm having trouble deciding between a pedestal base or a clawfoot tub. Do any of you with pedestal base tubs have issues with cleaning between the base and the wall?

Another concern is longevity. I really want this to be my one and only bath remodel. I know clawfoot tubs have been around forever, but pedestals are newer. Do you think they will be a trend that might soon go out of style?

Any thoughts would be most appreciated!!

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I had the same struggle and went with a pedestal because I could find the optimal size for my bathroom in a pedestal but not a clawfoot tub. No regrests on my choice, and I don't have a challenge cleaning behind the pedestal tub. Some people I've read don't like cleaning under their clawfoot tubs but i don't think would have minded that.

The question of longevity is a good one. I don't have an answer for you on that.

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Thanks andreadeg - Could you tell me how close your tub is to the wall? I won't have a lot of space between the tub & wall to leave a gap.

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I don't know who told you that pedastal tubs are new, but they were grossly in error when they did...our pedastal tub was installed in 1921 and still works and looks fine.

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My tub is about 14 inches from the wall. If it was any closer to the wall it would be challenging to clean behind. However, I find that not alot of dirt and dust collects behind the tub (or maybe I'm just choosing to ignore it!)

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I'm afraid I don't have that much space to spare. May have to regroup & figure out another plan. I could put the water supply on the end. Just don't like the look as well for the alcove space I have.

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