Sorry Hey Deb

gabby_49December 5, 2005

I didn't mean to assume you had rifs with your MIL, but I knew that you had many silent aggravation agression against her the way she treated Al. I am like you. I never spoke unkindly to my MIL but there were times I could have wrung her neck. I did however snap a couple times at the last but don't we always regret that after they are gone. Just human nature I guess.

On the other note, so glad to hear from you. Was talking to a guy at the bank, our loan officer the other day who goes ot Canada to fish. He has all sorts of pitures on the internet. He fishes for Pike I guess, anyway ithought of you. And oh by the way...arent we all tired,especially this time of year. I think it comes as we get older. I find it hard to even buy groceries,(altho I spend hours looking at every label) to see the crap we are eating. It just seems to get harder and harder , so don't think it is just you. And too, look what you handle girl, Al, the kids ,the have a right to be tired. Go take that warm bubble bath and relax!!!!

Well I am off to go be with DH in the R.V. and spend most of the week. I will be busy runnign from store to store, buying gifts. Do have a Good Holiday and I will check back with you hearing how life is in Canada....HUGS Gabby

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Hi Gabby! I didn't take anything personally, i took it as a general statement! I KNEW that you didn't put it, to be mean!
Fishing is a big "thing" here, especially with our next door neighbour, but we are not fisherpeople(men?), but i remember Carley, when she was 3 or so, she wanted a fishing rod for her birthday, well, we found her a pink one, and we went up the highway, and used gummybears for bait! well we didn't catch anything, but i think if we did, it would go back, everyone still remembers that day! what a family!
Carley, was thrilled with the turkey, she wanted it cooked yesterday! that girl would eat turkey everyday, especially the gravey, she doesn't eat red meat, and has never eaten a McDonald's burger or only burger anywhere, she's always been that way!
Drive carefully out there, there were a ton of accidents on Saturday, just people being stupid!

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