Are these really collectors items?

lazypupDecember 12, 2010

Before I begin let me be brutally honest here. What I know about porcelain collectors items you could write on the back of a postage stamp in 2" block letters however a couple nights ago while doing some closeup photography for another project my GF asked me to photograph these miniatures for her.

She went on in great length to tell me they are real "Capodimonte" as if I should know what that means.

The only thing I know for sure is that they are about 25yrs old and have been stored all that time in the manufacturers original tissue wrapping, so there is no dust, dirt or smoke accumulation on them.

My question is, Is the name "Capodimonte" really a collectors item, as would be a Hummel?

To me they look like the little trinkets we see in the Dollar Store, but what do I know. Can someone enlighten me?

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They're collectors items if someone likes and collects them. True, Capodimonte is an old company - started somewhere back in the 1700's and made some very fine things... but it's unlikely you'll find those in a trinket shop or on QVC or Home Shopping Network as you would the pieces you photographed.

"The Capodimonte logo (Blue N under a crown), in the present day, is not necessarily a guarantee of porcelain or ceramic quality. Neither is it a guarantee that the product is in fact porcelain or ceramic," as Capodimonte Limited says.

Your friends likes them in the same way others like Beanie Babies, Hummels, Dept. 56 Villages, etc., etc. which is why the stuff is cranked out in staggering numbers each year.

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If you need a second to duluthinbloom's motion, I second it.
Linda c

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I want to sincerely thank both of you ladies for your answer because you are basically confirming what I had surmised.

Even though these items are in fact true porcelain, and they have both the official "Capodimonte" logo and a certificate of authenticity, none the less, I suspected that the company makes a number of varying degrees of quality ranging from true high value estate collectibles to run of the mill hobby collector grade, which is where I think these particular pieces fall.

But for the record, these pieces do have the logo as you can see in this photo.

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Glad we could help. Just remember - anything of any grade and quality churned out of the Capodimonte factories will carry the logo as pictured.

But that being said... what we know should in no way diminish your friend's enjoyment of them.

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