Capital Precision Range Problem! Broiler not working!

beekeeperswifeFebruary 23, 2012

We are moving in 2 weeks. I don't want to leave a non-working stove.

I am trying to use the broiler. I turn the knob, the green light on the panel comes on, nothing inside.

I move the knob a bit further, still nothing

I move it until I feel it click into a slot. Still nothing!

What is wrong?



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let it sink....

thanks Trevor!

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Gosh...this isn't what I would expect from the Capital group who monitors this site. Are you out of warranty? Can you call for service at not charge? Maybe ur decision to go BS is the right one.

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Just maybe..... Beekeeoswife received EXCELLENT service from capital and no longer needs any help.

And Maybe .... the Thanks Trevor! is a way of saying Thank you Trevor for all the help you gave me today even though I did not buy a capital or bluestar from you...... Just maybe .....

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Michelle, I meant to say "Let the thread sink" since I did receive great help from Trevor and Capital today. I didn't need the question to be sitting at the top any longer.

When I didn't get an answer here, I reached out to Trevor and he gave me excellent advice. I then contacted Capital and a new part is on the way. Either my dh will replace it or I will have the local service company do it. Capital is sending me directions, in fact.

I have never ever had any trouble with Capital's customer service. They stand by their product 100%. I know some people email them and then complain they don't get a response. They do have a toll free number, you can call and talk to a real person and get the answers you need. I would have to say that they went above and beyond today. The fact that they are writing up instructions for me to replace this is great. In fact, I just received an email from them acknowledging my time constraint since we are moving in 2 weeks and they would hurry up and get those put together quickly. How nice is that?

So, I hope nobody thought that "let it sink" meant "let the range sink"! Totally my fault, just wanted the thread to go away so no one would be bothered or take the time to try and explain to me what to do!

Of course, thanks again to Trevor!


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I Emailed you a Steel brush Michelle, so you can clean your shoes, after you , well you know, (LOL)!


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I am not sure of what is going on between you and Trevor but it seems rather ridiculous.

The fact is, I purchased my Capital range several years ago from a local dealer before I even knew of Trevor and Eurostoves. Unfortunately my local dealer does not sell many Capitals and therefore they cannot answer any question I have. They are essentially worthless when it comes to customer support. The last time I had a service man from their store come here, I had an extra screw left over when he left. Not a lot of confidence with this store.

If I have a question about my range I know I can ask Trevor and he will take the time to help me and point me in the right direction.

This negative attitude that's in the air must be what other members are talking about on other GW forums when referring to the appliance forum. Many avoid coming to this forum to ask for appliance help because of the negativity here. To me that's sort of sad. There is a wealth of information that people here have to share. It's a shame so many are afraid to ask for help. I know that those who only hang out here might not know what is being said elsewhere. And maybe some people don't care I guess.

I've learned a lot here. Thanks to everybody who has helped me out with all of my questions.


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I have always had the upmost respect and admiration for Trevor, just do a search here for dodge59 trevor.

I had bought a very expensive piece of junk cooktop, and not from Trevor but from a local dealer here in Calif. I tried contacting the store, they said to call Caldera, (the Manufacturer), they never answered, nor did they return calls. Called the store again, the said call distributor etc etc etc! I believe Eurostoves saw my post, in GW, and offered to help, even thou they had nothing to do with that POJ, whatsoever!

"I Emailed you a Steel brush Michelle" Note the name here, I was just having a little fun with her, as I'm sure She has a great sense of humour and she knows she misunderstood your post, as you have "apparently Mine".
Sorry about that.


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