lasershowDecember 29, 2005

Chelone, how are you and your DM? Haven't seen you posting much over the past few months, so hope that all is well.

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Hi Chelone,

I recall when you were taking time away for yourself & also have wondered how you were. Wasn't your brother helping out for a while?
Now I realize I experienced burnout last year when I was still working w/Seniors & caring for my Mom altho' she was in a Foster Home. She passed away last August a month after my Father's death & I'm just now getting myself back to where I want to work & serve again.
Please keep in touch.


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I'm here, goin' through the motions. I do what I have to do and things are OK. Mum did return and she left again and now is about to return, make sense?!

While she was gone we "rehabbed" her bathroom. New floor (over painted concrete!), new wall and ceiling color (to matcher bedroom), new bathmat and towels, more shelving and towel racks in more carefully selected sites.

I am to pick her up on Saturday and I'll be interested to see her reaction to the changes... I worry that she won't "notice"... indication of deteriorating mental faculties.

I bought her two new pair of slacks and some matching tops... reminds me to buy matching SOCKS, too. (matching socks are important to her).

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HI Chelone......Glad you got that little break. But you "sound" tired. Sometimes the every-day wears you to the point that the crises are hard to deal with!
Hope the homecoming goes smoothly.

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