mimi427December 22, 2005


Just wondering about you and how you are doing. I think of you often...you are such a tower of strength. I hope Al is doing well. Merry Xmas to you and your family,


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Yes, I do miss all the stories you tell.Really enjoy your posts, guess you must be busy busy with getting ready for the holidays. How are the holidays in Canada? Every place is so busy here, soon it will be over. After running for months and shopping, then like a balloon it bursts and it is all over. Such a let down, but many preety things to enjoy. I have a juicer ,I am going to try. Only thing is it takes so many fruits and veggies...costly....but good for you...take care, STAY WARM.....and let us hear from you....HUGS Gabby

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Merry Christmas Deb and Al and kids! Hope you guys are staying warm and are having a good holiday. Derry

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Oh, you guys are the best! you made me cry! - a good cry though to be thought of, what wonderful,wonderful friends you ALL are! i am still not taking losing my little "Buddy" and still am mourning him alot, it is so weird not having him, infact, a gift came for him in the mail today from Al's aunts, and lets say i lost it! School is finished tomorrow for Carley, and she is home until the 6th. Matthew comes home on Sat. after work, he just hasn't moved right back yet. Our tree is up and it isn't a real one! you would think living up north we would have a real one, but guess what, only 3 places are selling them, and for the price they want, well, lets just say we didn't pay near for this one! we have decorated inside the house, but not outside, because of the price of electricity this year, what a town we live in! many have lost their jobs or will in the new year, because of the pulp and paper industry, very sad! i have been busy knitting mittens for the less fortunate (there are always people worse off than us), we don't go over board with gifts, something you might really would like and 2 smaller things such as socks (you can never want anything here because you won't get it-lol), so we never go into the "Hole", i'm also cutting out gifts for neices and nephews, since they have the philosphy their parents gave them if you don't like it just throw it away, so the money we would have spent on them, is going to one of the food banks, where it will be appreciated it. Al and i exchange something small, just a token, i remember the first Christmas we were married and i asked for a cheese slicer, really, i still to this day use it!, besides that i also got a pair of wonderful earrings. it's super warm here and it 30 out as i write this, and we have about 2 feet of the fluffy white stuff on the ground. Chrsitmas eve, Carley and i will make cabbage rolls, for Christmas, and Saturday we will do just a bit of baking, seems like not many people are doing this this year, as there is alot of baking supplies are still in the store. Gabby, we have a juicer, just love it, lettuce here on monday was 3.99 a head but yesterday it was 1.69, carrots are still 1.99 for 5lbs and Christmas oranges are 3lbs for 3.99, bananas are 59 cents a lb. Al is having alot of pains in his arm and shoulder, but it's almost been 7 months since he's been in the hospital, so i'm hoing he's just sleeping "funny". oh, and Matthew, got us salelite tv for Christmas it's been here for 2 day, and Al has been obsessed watching hockey and he watched Troy yesterday. it's soo weird you can watch tv from detroit, which is a regular cable station here, but new york, those poor people, toronto, spokane, and Al's aunt's live right by there, and vancouver and winnipeg, but i haven't really sat down to watch anything, PB i've been reading another of Sarah Graves mysteries, and i noticed that Sue Graften's "S" book is out. well that's all the news here from way up north! May you ALL have a Safe and Happy Christmas and I hope Santa is good to you all because you deserve it! Hugs Deb

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Hi Deb,
You certainly understand the true meaning of Christmas spirit. You are such a giving soul. How lucky your family is to have you.
As far as you still missing Buddy, I can relate very much to that. Two year's ago, we had to put down our beloved Golden Retriever, Shannon, because of cancer (lymphoma). She was such a special girl, so sweet and so devoted to me; we were inseparable. I took her everywhere I went and when I couldn't take her in somewhere with me, she'd patiently wait in the car (as long as it wasn't too hot or too cold). She was our third Golden to die of cancer and I swore I'd never get another one because I couldn't go through that hurt again. We had two other dogs at the time (and still do), but not Goldens. Fox six months, I felt a tremendous void, even though I had my other two dogs who are very sweet, but it just wasn't the same. Long, long story short, Cheyenne just turned two; my handsome young sweet Golden...yes, we got another Golden six month's after we put Shannon down. For me and my husband, there is just something about a Golden Retriever, their desire to please and give so much love; we just missed that so much. So now, we have crazy, energetic 2 year old Cheyenne, and our precious seniors... Herbie, a Bichon Frise' who will be turning 15 the beginning of February, and Cassidy, a mix my son rescued 12 year's ago in a canyon in New Mexico... Herbie is our first "senior"...physically, he's doing fine, but he's losing his hearing and his sight and I think he might have some "doggie dementia"...poor little guy.

It sounds like we are having similar weather...we have quite a bit of snow on the ground, but it is beginning to warm up...in the mid 30's today and heading to 40 by the weekend. Last week, we had wind chills at -15 degrees.

Thanks Debbie for keeping us posted. I hope Al's pain gets better real soon, and I wish you a very peaceful, joyful holiday season.
Warm regards,

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3.99 for lettuce....gee I wouldn't be buying many of those. It can go from .99 to 1.29 here, which seems high. Then green leaf and romaine is about 1.38. I wish to buy "organic" for the juicer, but that can be costly too. But then ,all the "chemicals on the other store bought items can be costly also ,with our health. How sad we live in the U.S. and what they offer in the stores, is junk.It is no wonder people are sick with all kinds of diseases. We need to get back to growing our own gardens and slaughtering our own meat.We do have a "organic' store here called ,"The Harvest" which is great for the size of town we live in which is about 30,000 I believe. We live close to metropolitian areas which we can do our shopping and then come home to the quietness of the country.

Also I think it is wonderful that you jus give small gifts,and don't get caught up in the expensive gift buying. We try to keep it at a minimum, but we have several to buy for. I think Christmas has got way out of hand, and the true meaning is vanished. We try to keep it in "perspective",. When DH retires, then so does the big Christmas's. I believe if my husband Den had time ,our kids would just as soon have a item he made as opposed to something bought. Much more thoughtful and appreciated. Well looks like son got here this morning from Florida, drove alnight and he came in quietly with -out waking me and went to bed. I seen "oranges " from there on the dining table, bless his heart...well ya'll take care and hope Al is feeling better and will enjoy the holidays. With all tha snow, cuddle up on the couch ...light a few candles and enjoy your satlilite. Bless all of you and have a Merry Christmas. Love Gabby

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