OT Be Careful out there!

heydeborahDecember 1, 2005

Hi everyone, as you know we have alot of drama at our house! - lol. one thing that happened to me 3 weeks ago that i forgot to mention was i dropped off Al's prescription at the grocery store and told them i'd be back in 1/2 hour (this was for Al's pain killers, 120 of them to be exact). well i went downtown to a little store that sells newspapers, as i was coming out of the store a guy with a hooded sweat shirt, sun glasses on was going in, i thought nothing about if, until, yes he grabbed my purse and ran towards the marina!!!! i was not hurt, happy to say, no credit cards in my purse, he did get about $250.00!!! this was for the prescription, groceries, and since ds was going to Toronto the next day some of the money was an early Christmas gift!. the police came within 5 minutes, and informed me that i probably wouldn't get my purse back, very bright they are! so we have a block on our checking account - this person tried to cash over 4,000.00 in cheques, tried to rent videos from Blockbuster, but since it's by our house and they know us, they wouldn't let him rent! - see it does pay to be nice. i also mentioned to the policeofficer about the prescription i didn't wait for and he said good thing they would have had a hey day, at 10.00 a pill! they know where we live because of the address on the cheques, and my drivers license, i don't think they'd try to use my library card!-lol. i'm also afraid to go out after dark and here it's about 4:45, and i do not carry a purse anymore, i think i will again when i feel more comfortable.

also again, because i ramble, i went to get the same prescription filled again this morning, because it's a narcotic it can only be filled every 21 days so i was pretty nervous, and i also saw woman walking by the meat counter leaving there purses in the cart and looking at meat, easy for them to get stolen! anyways, because of the Holiday season, watch your purse!!! i never thought it would happen to me (famous words -lol), i'm tall, 5ft 8, not overweight, just tall, so i thought i would share this with you, just please be careful!!!!! debbie

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Ugh! The fiend! So sorry you had to go through that & thanks for the warning. I'm glad he didn't steal your upbeat spirit! -jane in ks

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OMG, Debbie!! What next?! I think you could use a good exorcist for that little black cloud hanging around with you! So sorry to hear about your purse and money...so terribly sad...Hope everything clears up from now on!!

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(((Deb)))) that is awful, but so glad your ok. that would be scary, him knowing where you live and all, please be very careful!!! its a shame we have such creeps in this world!!!
i'm like you, you see ladies purses just sitting in the cart, and their not even close to them or paying any attention, someone could just walk off with them. and you have to be very careful and not mention the pain pills , never know who might be watching or listening, a sad sad world we live in! DianePA

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Seeing news story on TV about purse snatching (and muggings) I realized what a nightmare it can become if someone has your house keys, address, checks, etc. so quit carrying a purse several years ago. I wear pants or jeans most of the time anyway & carry necessities like keys, drivers license, Ins. card & cash in a front pocket.

Maybe I'm super cautious, but NO ATM cards for me either after someone who lived near me was kidnapped & held for days so the sorry bum could get to her daily cash allowance.


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