Cast Iron vs Acrylic Tub- pros and cons?

Laura517February 25, 2013

I recently selected the Kohler Archer tub for my girls', ages 12 and 8, shared bath in our new home. I selected it because it is 19" deep so they can take a nice bath, which they still like to do, especially the 8 yr old. We came in overbudget for our plumbing fixtures (go figure) and one way to cut a little $ off bottom line is to switch to a Kohler cast-iron tub. The one I've been quoted is $200 less, however, it is only 14" deep. I'm not worried about them stepping over the side when they get in and out because of their ages. I can't decide if it's worth the extra money for a deeper tub, or if cast-iron is more durable so that should outweigh depth decision....DH likes cast-iron, I'm more concerned with keeping my girls out of our tub in master bathroom. What would you do and why? How would you rate an acrylic vs cast-iron tub? Which one will show scratches? I think I used abrasive cleaners on current cast iron tub which took the finish off.

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For a kid's bathroom, CI would be my first choice. The finish is more durable than acrylic. Dropped objects/bottles are more likely to damage acrylic than CI.

As to them wanting to bathe in your tub because it holds more water?

"Sorry kids. That's Mom and Dad's tub. You have your own tub."

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We recently remodeled our bathroom and installed the Kohler Devonshire Acrylic Tub. I originally thought I wanted a cast iron tub but it was cost prohibitive when looking at deeper depths. I am more than pleased with the look and finish on our tub. Kohler recommends cleaning with only liquid dish soap such as Dawn which is what I have been using and it looks great. If your daughters are bathers as my daughter and I am it is well worth the extra dollars spent for a deeper tub and increase in water usage....I think it was a small price to pay for many years of great bubble baths....The only inconvenience with the deeper depth is cleaning the tub and stretching over the deeper sides. Sometimes I actually get in the tub to clean it, but still loving it.

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mongoct: Thanks for the input, that does confirm what I thought about the durability of cast-iron. As for keeping 3 girls out of our bathroom- you made me laugh because you make it sound so easy!

Carol: would you post a picture of your recent remodel? I know what you mean about the difficulty of cleaning a tub with a deeper depth .

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We have the Kohler Parity cast iron tub. It is wonderful!

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I'd spend the money on the deeper tub. Shallow tubs are useless, in my opinion.

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I have never posted pictures before, I hope they post OK as I thought I re-sized but they still look big, sorry if they are not correct size.

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