Has anyone installed Kerlite Plus?

mic111February 14, 2012

Were going to be replacing the tile in our master bath. It would be tons easier to install something over the top of it. There is about 200 sqr ft of PEI 5 tile (the hardest to break). We will pull it out if we have to but I want to explore all other options first. In reading the forum I see Kerlite mentioned as a possible option to install over the tile with a minimum change in the floor height. Has anyone done it? Would you do it again? What problems were there? What advantages? And where did you buy it? I can't find anyone that sells it in Colorado.



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No one has answered so I'll take a stab. I haven't worked with Kerlite, but I have handled the "Kerlite" tile. They didn't have the "Plus" or the "Twin", just the single-thickness version.

It was pretty cool tile, very thin. About 1/8" thick. It can actually be cut with a glass cutter, which was pretty nifty. It's very fine grained.

I've never used it, and don't have a source for it.

As to potential problems, in standard sizes there would be no issues with this tile. Getting into large-format, you run into the standard issues with large format. You want the substrate to be strong, stiff, and dead-flat.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm starting to wonder if it is a failed product (one that was put out but either didn't work or didn't take off) since it seems to be so scarcely available. I hope I find something more encouraging soon, as our installation is tailor made for this product.

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I don't know much about it, but I have heard it's VERY expensive, unless you have some reason other than avoiding tearing up your old tile- you might be money ahead just by hiring someone to take out the old tile and prep the floor.

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Here us what I found out so far.

The place in the link below will sell it.

The Oaks family is $7.50-$8.50 sqr ft depending on the size of the sheet you order.

I'm going to go through their web site and write down the colors I'm interested in and see if I can get samples sent.

Here is a link that might be useful: One place that sells Kerlite Plus

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I have Kerlite. But I do not have a lot of experience with it. The price is the price and I find the price reasonable.

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Hi David,

Thanks for writing. How do you like the Kerlite? Any tips or pitfalls with installation? Can you post a photo of your install? What color did you install? Would you put Kerlite in again?

I also found the price reasonable so sent away for samples. They are sending me 7 colors. On their web site the pictures aren't very good and it is hard to see the patterns.


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hi michelle

when you get samples in your hand you will see it's a tile, and I have no idea how good your tilesetting skills are so I have no idea what to write in response. The person you hire (if you don't set tile) may botch any job, so again I have no idea what to write. Wait and see when you get the samples.

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Hi everyone,
I am also interested in using this new material on a basement addition roughly 350 sqf.
I am pouring a new cement floor and wondering if I could apply Kerlite directly on it.
Anyone had that experience?

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