Can someone tell me about this very large cabinet

bobbijoyDecember 21, 2012

Hello, this was given to me I don't know anything about it, this is what I do know its in pretty good shape it is 9 feet tall 6 ft wide and 3 feet in depth it is really heavy , someone called in a Chinese cabinet ? Is it a antique?

Thank you

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The carvings and the way it is built certainly look Chinese.

Can you post some pictures of the inside, and a closeup of the carvings, the sides of the drawers and the hardware? Those details might help ID the origin and age.

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It is hard to tell because many of these were imported in the last couple of decades and many of them were old, but some were produced directly for sale. There was a popular store where I live that dealt exclusively with this type furniture from various parts of Asia--it was not particularly expensive.--Hard to say though without more details.

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I have a question: If the cabinet is 9' tall, it means the handles are at about 6' off the floor ... a very awkward placement. Is it possible the doors were flipped at one point?

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Unless I'm mistaken, the whole thing tapers top to bottom, so the doors can't have been flipped; just chinese child-proofing.

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