Help Identify Chandelier

thomas_paineDecember 11, 2012

I'm looking for help in identifying the age and maker of the chandelier in the accompanying photograph.

I purchased this fixture in a department store about 40 years ago. It measures approximately 24 inches in diameter and has 7 lights: one on each of the six arms and one in the center. The tag (which I no longer have) that came with the chandelier said the frame is 24K gold-plated and that it is decorated with strass crystals. The only marks on the frame are the words "MADE IN GERMANY" stamped into the metal.

Having viewed approximately 1000 strass chandeliers on various websites without finding anything similar, I'm hoping someone reading this has seen a like item and can lead me to some additional information regarding its origin.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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It is Dazzling!

Did you purchase it new? Most Dept store don't have antiques or vintage items.

Are the crystals CUT glass or pressed or fire polished?

I see spots of color....colored crystals or does it reflect colors like a prism?

There are a couple of sellers on eBay located in Germany. If you like, I'll get their eBay names so you contact them.

Truly spectacular chandelier!

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Thanks for the reply.

It was supposedly new when I purchased it. Or at least not used. What makes me wonder about its age is the "MADE IN GERMANY" mark. For 1971-72 I would expect it to read "WEST GERMANY" or some variation thereof.

The crystals are clear, colorless, cut glass. They are supposed to be "Strass" glass from Austria and appear to be so: clear as the purest water, perfectly flat polished facets without polishing lines, and incredible refractive fire far beyond what the photo shows.

I would appreciate the eBay names of the sellers in Germany if you get a chance to do that.

Thanks again for your help.


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It is very beautiful! Any chance the department store is still in business?

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As I recall, the department store in question went out of business in 1975.

Thanks for writing.


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