CA KateDecember 5, 2012

I'm hoping at least one of you has found a brand of adult pull-on diapers that is hypoallergenic AND actually absorbs an adult quantity of pee. I'm so tired of washing all the clothes DH is wearing two and three times daily. The Purfit we've been using always leaks.

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What size are you looking for. I have tried several sizes for Hubby but his body is a strange shape big stomach, small back with big but and have not found any to work. Have you tried any of the shields rather than pants.

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CA Kate

He's been wearing XL. The problem isn't his shape, it's just the volume of urine coming out. My biggest problem seems to be the need for these to be hypoallergenic which limits what's available

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Westelle I feel your pain, I really do... With my hubby the pull-ons seldom get wet but everything else does... For some reason he can't get his 'equipment' out far enough causing the urine to dribble down the front of his PJ's, all over the toilet, floor, his socks and then soak into anything he sits on or walks over... There are times I just want to lay in a large supply of rubber bands... lol

I'm sorry I don't personally know of a pull-on that will solve your problem but maybe the following might help in some way... First off the fitted briefs ( the ones with the tabs ) hold more than the pull-ons, 24 oz. vs 18 oz., with the Wings Quilted Overnight Breathable Briefs it's 24 ozs... There is also something out there called a topliner or booster pad which you can use with any diaper or pull-on... The Tranquility brand ( A medical supply store gave me some free samples to try ) makes different sizes that will hold an additional 10 to 28 ozs... If you don't have the option of shopping around for a good medical supply store use the internet ( northshorecare.com is where I got the above info but I haven't had to order from them yet.) or just type incontinence supplies in your browser... There are some sites that have sampler packs. some charge and some are free.

Try and get some time to yourself as often as you can... The stress of taking care of someone is enough to make YOU very sick... If nothing else for 5 or 10 minutes EVERY day find a place to hide and do some slow deep breathing ( it's easier on you than pulling out your hair or banging your head against the wall.. ( lol )

To save time ( and me ) I keep him in PJ bottoms ( picked up a dozen of them at a second hand store )... I also save the plastic bags from the grocery store... When he misses the pot and needs a change I put all the wet stuff in a plastic bag, tie the handles and toss it down the basement stairs... Sometimes I can go a whole week before he runs out of clean PJ's and sometimes it's once a day...

I'm in Michigan and a booklet that I found very useful ( for other things ) is Alternatives for Seniors... It contains info on everything from retirement communities to hospice care and everything in between, such as getting help with home care ( very important for your sake )... Check the link below to see if there's one available in your state.


Here is a link that might be useful: Alternatives

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My husband has the same problem with getting his equipment out. It was suggested by his doctor that we have a urologist check him over. In the mean time having him sit down helps. If the space on the stool is too wide sitting will not help. Hurts pride but you can point out if he will understand that seeing him spray all over hurts you to see him in the condition.

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CA Kate

;-)) DH's 'equipment' hasn't been cooperative for ages and he's had to sit to pee for several years. Now his problem is 'going' while getting to the bathroom to use the toilet. I guess this is just the lastest thing in his brain to switch-off.

I will check into the topliner/booster pads ASAP. I've already found several useful items at The Wright Store, which is an online supply source for the disabled. I will see if they have any.

As to caring for myself: I am learning how to make time for myself. We bought excellant long-term care insurance policies about 15 years ago and they have been paying for DH's caretakers since Sept. I just went from 3 days a week to seven. I was soooo tired one day last week that I actually dropped him onto the toilet. Thank goodness he didn't get hurt, but it was a wake-up call that I needed help everyday. Also, I've been going for massages -- to help my sore muscles. ;-)) And, being able to go to lunch with friends is the most theraputic of all.

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This may sound crazy but talk to your urologist about him wearing a catheter. I just went through urinary surgery and had a catheter for a week. One of the nurses told me people often wear catheters just to get a good night sleep without getting up 3 or 4 times.

Personally I don't see how adult diapers ever work. There doesn't look like there is enough padding for an,adult.

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Or you might consider a CONDOM CATHETER (works great for men!) Just like a condom but with tubing attached so this is totally external.

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Buy a larger size than needed and put an old towel inside.

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Late one night I came here in hopes someone could answer this question for me. Fortunately someone had mentioned Tranquility products.

Leaving my huband alone to shop became as much of a problem as finding diapers to fit & hold the output volume.

It took a bit of research to find a retail outlet for them but I hit the jackpot with the one I chose:
CHEAP CHUX, 1 888 772 7702
Not only was shipping FREE & rapid, but Katy sent samples to find exact fit. (he was 6'3" & 200 lbs.) Urine wicked away from fragile skin to the point he couldn't even tell he was wet & there was NEVER ANY URINE ODOR.
Hospice nurses were impressed with these diapers.

These folks are all about old fashioned service & no, I'm not affiliated with them.

COST? With free shipping it was less than driving from place to place to place to find size, brand & price. If your Dr. writes or faxes Rx, product is tax free.

God Bless!

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Are you still looking for help here? I found a great company that helped my dad find a diaper that worked for his lifestyle. I'd check them out, they're called LiveAnew. They offer individualized attention and they used to even offer sampler packs so that you could try out a few brands, not sure if they're still doing that or not.

Hope that's helpful. Thinking happy thoughts for you! :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: LiveAnew

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