Why the cost difference between the built-in and OTR advantium?

mpg2004February 18, 2014


I currently have a microwave built in to the cabinet above my single wall oven. I'm contemplating replacing the microwave with an advantium, but I'm confused why the OTR versions cost about half what the built-in versions do. What is the difference between these that leads to the cost difference? I see that the door swing is different (side to side for the OTR version and like a mini oven door in the built-in version) but is that the only difference between them? What am I missing?


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The trim kit required for a built in adds a lot. For my Viking, which is made by Sharp, the trim kit was more than half again as much as the MW alone... :(

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I've always wondered about the the same about built-in appliances. Bare bones freestanding ranges start at under $400, slide ins start at around $1000. Basic wall ovens start at around $800, so you are actually getting less functionality for twice the cost of a basic range. I guess they figure people who have kitchens that accommodate these appliances can afford it?

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The Advantium wall oven is not just a microwave with a trim kit. It is built as an oven.

But I can't explain the $1000 difference either.

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The Advantium is a speed oven, warming oven, and microwave. You can bake in it - do everything that a traditional oven does except broil. I have one because I didn't have room for both a mw and a second oven. I am very pleased with it. I use it to bake muffins, corn bread, bake potatoes, casseroles, etc. I also use it to keep food warm; it will take quite a large ceramic dish. And my husband uses the microwave function. I think people that don't have one, do not realize that the microwave function is not the technology that the bake/speed oven uses - they are completely different functions. It is ridiculously overpriced but no more ridiculous than a second oven.

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