Happy Holidays

heydeborahDecember 25, 2005

Merry Christmas everyone! As you probably all know i live the closest to the north pole, well i just came in from being outside, where it is very warm out right now. i went outside because i heard a noise, well i looked up into the sky and it was really,really bright in the sky it wasn't the stars, but then i also saw a bright red light, and this jingling noise, yes, you are all right, it was Santa on his way to deliver gifts so good boys and girls, so if your grandchildren are with you, tell them to get into their pj's if they haven't yet, and jump right into bed and try and go to sleep, because i saw him and all his reindeer so he's on his way! Have a Merry Christmas Everyone! hugs, Debbie

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Was Rudolph with him. We need him in Michigan, it is getting foggy.
Merry Christmas Debbie & Al and everyone one else

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Hi Connie! Merry Christmas to you and yours too! YES! Rudolph was guiding the sleigh, you should have been how bright his nose is tonite, he must have known how foggy it is in michigan because it's kindof like that here too! have a wonderful day! debbie

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HO HO...Thanx for the tip Debbie. Hope he stopped at your place first and left a wonderful Christmas Day for you and Al and kids. Shalom, Derry

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