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gabby_49December 16, 2005

Just wanted to send a note and say all came out wonderful in the bisopy. Nothing but a simple cyst. They aspirated it and I was in and out in no time. NO surgery involved. What a scare! Thanks all of you who posted, appreciate the support and concern. LOTS OF HUGS Gabby

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How wonderful, Gabby!

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Oh Gabby! how wonderful!!!!
Also i noticed your post to Derry, come and live up north with us! we had and i'm not kidding a foot of the white stuff i guess on wed nite and all day yesterday, i looks so pretty, but the roads are terrible, country kids didn't have to go to school since the buses weren't running, but i am not looking forward to shovelling it! debbie

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Gabby, that's great news and a cause for celebration. Happy Holidays!!

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Great news Gabby!

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thats great news Gabby!! what a big relief I'm sure!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!DianePA

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To all of you....Thank You so much!!!!!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...Lets celebrate....Hope all is well with your loved ones.....Love Gabby

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