Wurlitzer Table

snap58_in_wiDecember 3, 2008

Does anyone have any idea if the Wurlitzer Company made furniture? I purchased a beautiful carved table today and it has a ÂProduct of Wurlitzer stamp burnt into the bottom of the tabletop. The table stands 29 inches high by 35 wide. As you can see, it needs major refinishing! Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Much,


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I did a quick google and discovered that Wurlitzer had financial difficulties and tried to solve the problem by putting out a line of furniture...the company was later sold to TAB, another company. I found several tables online, for sale...none quite like yours. But, "yes" Wurlitzer made tables. Who knew?

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All I could find on Tab/Wurliter was that in 1985, TAB began a relationship with Wurlitzer, the maker of keyboard instruments. Having suffered dramatic losses, Wurlitzer began making a line of wood office furniture, which in turn was purchased and marketed by TAB. Is this what you found? Also, where did you find the tables from Wurlitzer online? Could you send me the link? I've been looking my eyes off & can't a thing about Wurlitzer furniture.

IÂve included a clickable thumbnail/picture of the bottom of the tabletop so you can see the construction of it. At first I thought someone replaced the top, from the looks around the supports but then realized they had tried to remove the stain. It doesnÂt appear to have been taken apart at any time.

Maybe the table isn't as old as it appears. I'm still going to have fun re-finishing it! It's my winter project for those long cold, snowy days we have.

Thanks for your help,

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I have the same table, and yes it is very old. I got mine when my grandfather passed away, back in the 70's. I asked one of my uncles recently if he knows anything about it. He says all he remembers is that it was in my grandparents house as long as he can remember. And he is 81yrs.I would post a pic, but I'm having trouble with the site. I have not yet figured out how to do it.Mine has the Wurlitzer stamp and a number on the bottom too.

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