OT - Merry Christmas!

heydeborahDecember 25, 2005

Merry Christmas everyone! As you probably all know i live the closest to the north pole, well i just came in from being outside, where it is very warm out right now. i went outside because i heard a noise, well i looked up into the sky and it was really,really bright in the sky it wasn't the stars, but then i also saw a bright red light, and this jingling noise, yes, you are all right, it was Santa on his way to deliver gifts so good boys and girls, so if your grandchildren are with you, tell them to get into their pj's if they haven't yet, and jump right into bed and try and go to sleep, because i saw him and all his reindeer so he's on his way! Have a Merry Christmas Everyone! hugs, Debbie

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Oh Debbie,
What a magical time of year!! Did you toss up some of your hand-knit mittens to him????
My little angel grandson lives 300 miles away. What I wouldn't give to see his face on Xmas morning...Happy Holidays to all,

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Mimi, i didn't throw any mitts up to them, but i'm sure he was headed your grandson's way when i looked up in the sky, sure, hope he left something out for santa to eat or drink!

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I spoke to my darling DIL this am and she said yes, they took good care of Father Christmas...even made sure they chimney was nicely cleaned out!
Jackson, my 3 yr old grandson, didn't have much to say to "Nana" (me) this am, he was too busy watching The Polar Express, but he did say he got lots of presents from Father Christmas. So thank you Deb, for guiding his sleigh to my grandson's house....

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