Need Your Help--Should I buy this or not? Independent Hood

beekeeperswifeFebruary 2, 2012

Thanks for all the answers to so many stupid questions.

I'm really trying to cut costs where I can on this build, without sacrificing quality.

I have found the following and I want to know what you guys really really really think. I can pull the trigger on a vent hood that I can just go into a store and buy. But buying one from a reputable eBay dealer is another story. And buying one that is from a company that no longer exists...kind of concerns me.


I have found an Independent 42" Wall Hood with heat lamps. So it's 27" deep. $954 INHL42SS

1200 cfm internal motor. Here's the kicker, someone cut the wires, so it has to be hard wired rather than the clip. Independent Motor $300

They don't have a duct cover. I can keep my eye out, or maybe find a local fabricator to make it for me.

What do you think? Should I do it?

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I bought the 42" x 24" Laramie plus 1400 cfm external blower for just under $1k delivered.So essentially I already made that deal. Really really really.

This one has cut wires but is deeper plus the heat lamps.

I would offer $1k delivered.

There will not be that many takers for that package.

He is already selling below cost so what is a little more to get rid of it? $1000 is a nice round number below that they may feel insulted.

Worse thing that can happen is they say no.

BTW I have been looking for the duct cover for a 42" wide chimney hood for a while. No luck. Looks like I will have a local fabricator do it in 16 gauge 304 SS.

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That's odd - I thought I already posted a reply. Anyway, for me there are too many red flags here - manufacturer out of business, cut wires, missing cover. Personally, I'd pass - but it's your money.

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I just pulled the trigger on an independent Laredo 42" from the same seller.
I spoke with the guy on the phone a few times and he was really helpful and I felt he gave me good service.
I had the same concerns so I offered him less money. We ended up settling on a pretty good deal. He happened to have a 600cfm independent blower that he threw in, on top of cutting the price a little.

If they will cut the price enough for you then it will be worth it to track down a duct cover, or have one fabricated. You could also go without a duct cover and put cabinets or wood trim between the hood and ceiling.
BTW, got mine from ebay seller Seller xtrainventory_1

All of the other hoods I was looking at would have cost me at least $2500

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How is an out-of-stock duct cover a red flag?

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ribs1--want to share what you paid? you can send me an email if you'd prefer. I'd love to hear more details.

beekeeperswife at gmail dot com

I'm considering asking for an even lower price and maybe I can get him to throw in a 600 cfm motor, just in case I need it down the road.


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I would rather not say what I paid as I felt like the seller gave me very good service and a great deal. The only thing I can say is that he seems willing to play ball and seems like he has too many of these and wants to get rid of them.

I decided how much I was willing to pay for a hood with no warranty and probably no availability of parts, factored in the possibility of my inconvenience and made an offer. He accepted and I am happy.

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