My Miele DW: Please let me brag!

karenlee56February 18, 2013

I just wanted to spread my love for my still-new Miele Futura Dimension. My other nearly-new horror of a dishwasher NEVER could have done this. I am still in shock that the Miele can get these kinds of results with baked/crusted on peach pie filling and cake!! It was so crusted on that I went through a lot to scrape off the excess...hard as a brick!! I will have to put picture #2 (the after) as a comment because it won't let me post 2 pictures in the same post. I must be doing something wrong! Here is the before:

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Stellar results!!

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Congrats. Might have made things a bit easier to scrape if you gave it a short soak before scraping.

BTW I wouldn't call this post a brag. Its more like you are preaching to the choir.

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I envy you folks with the Miele. When we went to buy a new DW in 2009 it was clearly so much better built than the KA, but my odd-sized dishware and oversized cookware simply did not fit well in the old tine setup. I think they'd fit now, and will certainly try to make our next DW purchase a Miele. I have no confidence the KA will last more than 10 yrs.

It was thanks to GW suggestions that I took an entire box full of my usual DW load into the appliance store to try loading different models. The salesman was so flabbergasted, he forgot most of his sales spiels and only recovered his compoure towards the end! It was pretty funny, actually!

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Jkom... Oh trust me, I did the same thing this time around! LOL. I carried around a strong tote bag with dishes, glasses, bowls, silverware, etc. Our young salesman had a look on his face like I was an alien! :) It was the best thing I've ever done before an appliance purchase. Before I bought my GE nightmare DW, I didn't do that and as a result, every time I loaded anything in it, everything fell over EVERY time I pulled the racks out. Had I brought some dishware with me before that purchase, I never would have bought that useless thing!! Live and learn...

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Great pics! Love my Miele, so you are indeed preaching to the choir!

I brought some dishes and baking pans with me to Abt Appliances when shopping for a DW. The salesperson didn't bat an eye, and proceeded immediately to demonstrate the various adjustments that can be made to the tines, etc. When I made a joke about my bringing my stuff, he said "oh everyone does that". Must be regional differences...

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Just out of curiosity, you may want to mention which dishwasher detergent you used. For the past year I've been using the Method Smarty tabs with the same good results on my Miele.

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fauguy...I'm using the Finish Quantum tabs. I did try using them in my ill-fated dishwasher, but the dishwasher still didn't clean any better. Therefore, I can only assume that the Miele is the real star. :)

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karenlee56 said, "Might have made things a bit easier to scrape if you gave it a short soak before scraping."

Ah, but that would have taken all the fun out of the challenge of seeing if the Miele could really clean that hardened mess. ;)

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I tried the Finish Quantum about a year ago, and even though they cleaned well, I noticed that since they contain a bleaching agent, that some plastic items started to discolor. That's why I then went to the Method Smarty tabs. I only use a half tab, and it cleans just as good, but without any bleach.

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