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mallorys55November 20, 2007

I recently bought this Goebel Hummel at an estate auction. I have tried to do research and find painted ones and white ones with the stars painted. Mine has the eyelashes and lips painted and on the bottom it has 21/II and is know as the Heavenly Angel. And some i have found on the web say trademark 3. How do i know what trademark i have. Thanks for any help.

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No expert here, but your piece is part of a set of 7 pieces, all done in white with just a hint of color. Your particular piece is called "Heavenly Angel Hum". I'm not sure what the 3 is supposed to mean, but your trademark was in use from 1991-2000. (The date is stamped on the piece, btw.) In Hummel circles, it is known as trademark 7.

The complete collection retails for about $2,300.00

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummel trademarks

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My Aunt Polly left me a "Hummel" piece of a praying Madonna
which has a birth mark, marked Germany on the bottom along with other markings one being a "V" with a (rabbit face? and ears within the V). I do know it is over 70 yrs old. It is about 3.5 " tall. Do you have any idea of the origin?

Best, Paul

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Paul - all Hummels are numbered. You can find a wealth of information on the piece you have simply by Googling - Hummel number ____. Number is on the bottom of the piece with the trademarks.

I don't know about a rabbit - Hummels used/use a bee in the trademarks. There have been knockoffs throughout the years.

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