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heydeborahNovember 6, 2005

Boy we all miss Gabby here, this is her job, just so we had nice things to read at the end of the week (or the beginning!!!). Well we had snow on Friday!!! but it's gone - yeah!!! i'm doing alot better with our son not living at home (for all you new folks here, he's 22 and decided to leave on his own) he has been promoted at work to assistant manager. our daughter, was given 4 awards at Awards Night (good name to call it), honour roll and 3 for highest marks in class. our furry baby is happy now that it is cold out -- right now 28!, he was born in the winter. Al is doing fine and today is our 24th anniv. and he didn't have to go to the hospital!!!! he seems to have a heart attack or something on special occasions! but he isn't doing to well, his "legs" are very painful (for new folks - he is a double above knee amputee) and he actually told his mother off, told her that even though his sister my sil has been talking care of her, that I have been caring for him 27/7 for years with no breaks at all! - Way to go Al (and i told him this too!) i'm busy knitting now - mitts for the people in the shelter, i think they'll need them more sooner than later! Well let's here some good stuff -- oh, and PB - just finished a Lawrence Block book, not bad, quick and funny! debbie - who's putting on her parka to take out the dog!!!

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Hi Debbie,
I so admire you...with all the adversity in your life, you always manage to find the bright spots.
How wonderful that your daughter received the awards!!! And your son the promotion!! There's nothing like the feeling we get when our children do well. And, a very happy 24th annniversary to you and Al - I'm so glad you got to spend it together and not in the ER!!
The weather in Chicago has really been amazing..in the 60's - low 70's during the day, which is very unusual for this time of year. We had an awesome Fall...the colors were just outstanding, with clear blue skies.
My husband and I have three boys; 1 is mine and 2 are his...not exactly "boys"...35, 33 and 31 -- none live near us -- one in LA, one in Vegas and one in Missouri. My son is in Missouri. He and his wife recently bought a winter home near Mesa, AZ and they invited us along with Jerry's boys to their home in AZ for Thanksgiving, so we will all be together this year on Thanksgiving, which is pretty exciting for us - it's been about four years since we've spent a holiday with them all together. I am REALLY looking forward to it, not to mention we get to see our grandson (my son)...little Jackson...I can NEVER get enough of him!!
And for you dog lovers out there, I have to share this with you. I always have a tough time boarding my dogs when we go away -- I know, I know...they are DOGS, but still.... Anyway, I have a place - it's a doggie day care center, that stays open 24 hours a day through the holidays. There are NO crates in the place ...just 5,000 sq feet of playing area, with lots of dog beds and couches. Some of the employees stay overnite; the dogs are never alone -- how great is that? So this time, I get to go away and not even feel bad for my furry babies!! Thanks for sharing, Debbie and hope all is well, Mimi

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Mimi, i don;t think of "Buddy" as just a dog, he is our lovie! -lol, he's been out and he has to be covered at nite-nite time - like right now - lol! Al has aunts that lived in West Covina and moved to Idaho, THEY ARE animal lovers, they take in greyhounds and streys last count i think it was 15 cats and about 10 dogs, no they are not weird, they also work for a Humane Society Store (well volunteer is a better work), they also organize the Blessing of the Animals and all other wonderful things, they are my heros! Our pharmacist goes to Mesa!! for 5 weeks, this is his first week! - small world again!. the leaves are still on the trees and are lovely, but i guess when you see it all the time (just like the lake here) you take things for granted! Carley and i saw cars from Missouri! yesterday, minnesota - but it's so close) North Dakota, Deleware, Ohio and Nebraska, i think they were taking the circle route around the lake, we have done it twice and it is lovely even in the summer. We have had Thankgiving already, but i know that for you folks in the US it also brings the start of Christmas! - stores have their stuff out here already! Infact I bought a box of Christmas oranges on Friday nite!
Oh i also forgot to mention i bagged up a bunch of magazines for Linda (Glitter) for her cousin to take to her on Thursday, i bet they had a fun weekend!
Well here i go on babbling like a fool, so i better shut up for awhile! debbie

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Sounds like things are looking up a little for both of you. Sometimes Life's changes are for the better. I've been reading a lot. (as usual) All the grandchildren are doing well and I broke down and got hearing aids. Now I can understand those mush mouth sons of mine. Those southern drawls and poor hearing just don't work well! I got the behind-the-ear style and my hair hides them quite well. My nice quiet little car is much louder and I found out that the springs in my couch squeek! The fridge also sounds as if it's about to quit. Maybe silence IS golden.

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Oh PB .... you really made me laugh!! All I can say is good for you!! I don't know why people shy away from hearing aids. My MIL has been VERY hard of hearing for many years. I find it so frustrating trying to carry on a conversation with her...I end up shouting at her, and she still doesn't seem to understand. God Bless her...she'll be 89 very soon. We found an audiologist about six month's ago that is willing to go to her apartment and work with her. She keeps finding excuses to not make the appt. I don't know, in my mind, I think, if you're in need of glasses, you wear glasses, why not hearing aides?

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Good stuff..what a fun idea! Our fur baby is a 5 year old brindle boxer named Iris. She is a love, and my husbands' constant companion. He is retired, so they go for walks, go to the dog park, and keep each other company all day while I work, and go to see Mom. Plans for Thanksgiving have changed for us, both of my daughters and their families are feasting with their respective "In-laws", we are hosting Mom and my younger sister who is joining us from CA. My grandchildren have all asked if they can stop over for pie after their "other grandma's" dinner, so I am content, and looking forward to the holiday. And PB, I know what you mean about the hearing aids, my DH gave up on his (though he needs them..."huh?" is my least favorite thing)but hearing all the noises made the "to do list" grow longer,..the furnace fan belt squeaks, the car had a clicking sound...he rarely wears them now. Oh well.

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I had dreaded getting the hearing aids. The audiologist was very good about what the different styles would do. My husband has those ugly big hard ones that fit in the ear. He wears them as little as possible as they distort the sound a little and get to be uncomfortable. I don't think the elderly with stiff fingers could manage those tiny little ones that fit down in the ear canal. Mine, automatically adjust the sound level to what a "normal" person would hear. I am really happy with them.

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Escuchame, PB....congrats!!! You deserve to hear the world around you!
Deb...cannot believe you have already had snow. I would have to cry! How do you stand it??? Hope things stay smooth for you all.
Shalom. Derry

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My dad has hearing aids and refuses to wear them. So not only does he have trouble processing what he hears, he doesnÂt hear all that much. Sigh. Ironic, since heÂs the one who convinced my momÂs uncle to wear his. HeÂs become markedly more pig-headed since the AlzheimerÂs set in.

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