Marble Tops/Non-Etching Liquid Hand Soap/Motion Soap Dispensers

catkinFebruary 3, 2011

Hi! Can you recommend an liquid hand soap that will not etch marble? I read that the soap should be alkaline not acid. Can you share a brand or experience?

Also, is anyone using a motion sensitive liquid hand soap dispenser that works well? Thanks so much!

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This topic has been discussed a few times. Here are some older threads with some good information.

Marble Safe Liquid Hand Soap

Marble Vanity Top Cleaners and Sealers

Look for pH neutral or pH balanced soaps.

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Thanks PPC. I've read the first link and started the second. LOL
I was hoping for first hand knowledge of specific brand names but most of the information in those threads is inconclusive, so I thought I'd ask again. It'd be great to be able to find one OTC!

I ordered some PH balanced soap used in laboratories but it's thin and barely foams.

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See my comment in the second link on Oct 9th. I found 3 soaps and am currently using Kiss My Face Self Foaming Liquid Soap.

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