In-Patient Hospice Units

guatnutNovember 22, 2009

I am not able to find anything that relates to specific hospice care units in a nursing facility in my area of California (Rancho Cucamonga). My father needs hospice care but we would like it to be in a facility due to the fact that in an emergency situation, I don't think we could stand by and not call 911 or change our minds about hospice when he is choking and unable to breathe. He also has MRSA (staph infection resistant to antibiotics) and I worry about my 85 year old mother being exposed to this. Does anyone have any experience with in-patient hospice facilities....or is there another way to refer to this kind of place?

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Start with your local non-profit hospice info group, Inland Hospice. At least you'll get support and some guidance in finding a facility. Just start with the phone and making calls to the references on their webpage, and talk to a volunteer there.

Good luck, and I know you'll find help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Inland Hospice

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More thoughts for you....

Hospice is really a service or a level of care/treatment as anything else. Not every community will have in-patient stand-alone hospice facilities.

Some skilled nursing facilities are more into rehabilitation after illness/injury, and some are better at palliative care, which is what you want. The hospice service overlays the nursing care at the facility. You can get hospice care in a hospital, as well.

The best sources of information are the hospice group I mentioned in the earlier post, and also the social workers/discharge workers in the hospital. Is he in the hospital right now? If so, you'll have excellent resources from the social workers. They are great.

I work with several people who are hospice volunteer workers, and they are there for you, as much as for the patient. You need the emotional support as well as the patient needs care. Please don't neglect this very important part of the job you are doing--- take care of yourself. Ask the hospice for a volunteer who can help you thru these trying times.

There is help out there, just start talking to everyone you can.

I wish you strength.


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Thanks for your response. The ball is rolling....Ended up going thru VNA because of a friend's recommendation. Thanks,'s hoping they find a place ASAP, difficult because he will have to be in isolation.

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