Need suggestions for night time

marylmiNovember 24, 2009

My husband wears Depends all the time now and I try to have him go to the bathroom before I get him in bed. Sometimes he can go and if he does, he doesn't wet the bed...but lately he has been wetting the bed every other night and I am so tired of changing bedding so often! He has his water at supper, then I don't give him anything to drink after that. I try to buy the extra-protection Depends and have plastic covering on the mattress but his clothes are all wet (t-shirt and depends) plus the sheets. I have asked at several medical supply places for any type of "plastic pant" to go over the depends but they don't carry anything like that. The depends are about worthless at night. I am at the point of trying to make some kind of a nite time 'diaper'!

Help!!! :(

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Mary, I can only imagine how discouraging this all is for you. I think you're going to have to go online and give different products a try. I've listed a couple of websites that might give you some products worth investigating.

The Tranquility site has what is considered a very good night time pull-up product (similar to Depends.)They have two night time disposables listed under "Maximum Protection." Also, under the "Additional Protection" list, there's a booster product. "This pad is designed to provide extra capacity to other incontinence products. The flow-through top and back sheet allows the pad to fill to capacity and then pass fluids to the host garment (disposable brief or pull-on)." Another nice thing about the Tranquility site is that you can order samples of the products for just 99 cents.

The page from the "Incontinence Store" lists miscellaneous supplies including some plastic pull-up pants.

Good luck with your search.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tranquility products

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Ask the Dr to check him, there could be a medical issue, or it may be medication. Or he could have emotional issues and he does it up upset people--just a thought.
Good luck

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You problem is one I'm too familiar with! Maximum protecion Depends just weren't enough with leg elastic
stretching and the 'faucet' part of his plumbing equipment seeming to fall to side & allow urine to run out.

Our mattress is beastly heavy & changing soaked
sheets and mattress pad was getting harder each day. Finally got much better results by doing what I've
spelled out below,altho' there's still a load of bedding laundry but at least I'm not doing breaking my back
lifting on that darn mattress nor washing bed pad every day.

I had several small 100% COTTON BATH MATS, so went to Wal-Mart & got 2 rolls of the
rubbery type shelf liner (about 7.99 each,) then over to Medical Supply for waterproof bed pads.

DH wiggles around in bed like a restless kid & knew
pads wouldn't stay in place so I cut laid rubbery
stuff to size I needed placed first ones on bottom
sheet, then put down 2 bath mats side by side with
edges touching, another layer of the rubbery liner
topped it with waterproof pad.
Disposable ones are as useless as a screen door on a submarine as far as I'm concerned! Most of the time
I put double folded towels on top of it all.

A lined paperbasket & groc. bags for laundry plus disposable rubber gloves all kept close by sure helps


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Thank you all for your ideas. I will check the online sites. I have two plastic covers (in case one gets cracked) on the mattress with the bottom sheet over that. The regular mattress pad is under the plastic. If I wake up in the night and he has wet the bed, I put a "waterproof" pad over the wet spot until morning. I still have to change him though. The neurologist said that would be part of the Alz. and also he would not recognize me in time. He told me that early in the spring and at that time he was ok so he has been going downhill. Of course now, he can't get up in the night unless I help him walk because of the balance and he has arthritis (bone on bone) in his knee and sometimes can hardly walk. I feel so sorry for him as he was always so active. So hearbreaking!!

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Mary, I just remembered a suggestion someone else made on another thread. They, too, had difficulties with an incontinent spouse at night. Along with the usual ideas of waterproof & washable mattress pads and covers, she suggested shopping at nearby thrift stores for sheets and pajamas. The basic premise was that the cost of the sheets and pajamas was minimal, so several pairs could be on hand at one time. And if they got terribly soiled, they could be tossed without worrying about the investment lost. It's not a perfect solution but it could prove to be a money saver and even a time saver if your dear husband's condition begins to affect his bowels.

Another person used washable oilcloth on the bed. The kind of stuff old time tablecloths were made of. A waterproof vinyl on one side with a felt like cloth on the other side. She'd get it at a yardage shop and cover the bed with it.

I know this is a most difficult time for both of you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oilcloth

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shambo, I was thinking of the oil cloth too! In fact, I looked to see if I had an extra one that I could use but couldn't find any. I have a good one in my picnic basket but hated to use that. I thought too, it would be good to put on his chair as added protection. I have 3 pads on it now. I tried a pc. of plastic...but he started to slide off! :) Sometimes you need to laugh to keep from crying! I'll check at Jo-Ann's and Walmart for the oil cloth by the yard. Thanks!

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Good luck with your search. As I said before, none of these solutions are ever perfect. What works for one may not necessarily work for another. I know what you mean about laughing to keep from crying. Whenever I hear the phrases "The Golden Years" or "Growing Old with Dignity" I figure someone has never dealt with an Alzheimer's/Dementia sufferer or a loved one struggling with complete incontinence. The true gold and dignity comes from the care the sufferer's family shows their loved one.

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Just an update... as I mentioned in the above post, I have been using some big thick, heavy bath towels at night under my husband and they work really well to keep the sheet dry. It still has a little bit of dampness , but I just leave the covers back for half the day to dry and it sure beats changing sheets every day. Another thing I did with the chair (and a half) that he uses, is to put the cushion in a large (33 gal) garbage bag, then I put the oil cloth on top of that..then use another one of those huge bath towels with a waterproof pad over that! Now the cushion is safe and the other things get washed if they get wet through. The oil cloth is wrapped around the cushion so it stays secure. All my dining room chairs have clear plastic over the cushion so there is no danger of them getting soiled. In the car I have another towel, plus a waterproof pad on his seat but I'm thinking of putting a garbage bag on the seat also. After his appt. tomorrow though, he won't need to go out for the rest of the winter, it's just too hard for me to take him.
So many things to think about.... !

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Connie Kru

I also used the big bath towels. I always felt my mil should not be in a diaper or depends all the time and by using the towels at night it allowed some air to get to that part of her body and she did not develop any skin problems.

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Read Shambo's 2009 post about this a few months ago & contacted both sites she mentioned.

Tranquility products seemed best to me but only 2 of listed retailers phone #s were good. Ck'd both; got recording asking for a call back number on one & a real person on the other + they were located here in TX. They offer FREE shipping, big thing to me 'cause diapers are so heavy. They ask his height. weight & waist size & overnighted several incontinence products. Within an hour DH needed to be changed so used their pull-up on him & for the first time ever no urine leaked out! Used a pad under him @ bedtime and knew I'd found what I'd been searching for.

Next morning I called for price verification & ordered pull-up diapers & peach bed pads. UPS delivered 2 days later.

No more going to several different stores trying to find right size & capacity. I actually saved gas money by paying a few cents more & don't have to worry about leaving him alone to shop.

Thank you Shambo!

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Grittymitts. I'm glad you reported back. And doubly glad the Tranquility products seem to work for you. This is always such a difficult situation and every little bit of assistance helps. Thanks for reporting on the customer service too. That's always an important consideration when purchasing new-to-you products.

Take care.

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DH falls a lot & is often so weak I dare not try to get him into shower. For a long time I carried 2 containers
of warm water, washcloths, towels, etc. & back out after. Then began using baby wipes...lots & lots of 'em.

When he was in ICU & unable to move, they used some kind of heavy duty no rinse wipes. Not only very hard to find, but way more than I could afford, considering how many were needed. Altho not listed on index @ their website I decided to call the retail dealer (Cheap Chux)where I order bed pads & pull up diapers to see if they could help me find something affordable for such.

Katy said they could get 9x13" Cleansing Wipes in recloseable pkgs of 50. Shocked to hear her say the pkgs were $5.00 ea. & ordered three pkgs to try. I am sooo pleased. Their policy of FREE shipping by UPS helped me make the decision. Remove as many or as few thought to be needed, put in microwave for 2-4 min. to warm. To me it's another great product made by Tranquility.

P.S. Another +. she informed me no taxes are chg'd if Dr. will write a Rx. & could be faxed to her. Rather than ask Dr. to fax it & glad to save the $$, I volunteered to.

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Gritty, that is great information. The "no-rinse" wipers really come in handy. I know I had to use some with both my mom and husband when he came home from 8 days in ICU several years ago. The price you were given is extraordinary and makes this simple luxury affordable. Thanks for reporting back.

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