whirlpool, air tub alternative

lachaseFebruary 19, 2012

I have decided to go with a deep soaker tub instead of the air bathtub or the whirlpool tub because I happened upon a Conair thermal spa bathmat that gives you the spa experience without being subject to having your tub malfunction. I am so thrilled because it seems such a better idea anyhow. If your product malfunctions you can get another one without being stuck with a bad expensive non working mechanical tub. You can take it with your if you move too. I had never heard of these and was just searching online and found out about them. I wanted to share the info for others that might like the idea. It makes so much more sense to have the mechanics portable and replaceable without ending up with an expensive bum tub.

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Those mats are a great idea. Only one piece of advice--take the mat with you as you look at tubs & make sure it will stay stuck to the bottom of the tub (especially if the tub has a non-skid bottom). We tried the mat in our last house and it wouldn't stay stuck to the tub bottom--sometimes it would seem stuck, but then once you added water it came unstuck.

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I have to say I bought one of those air mats a few years ago, I think it was a Conair, and took advantage of the store's return policy after using it once. Noisy and not very effective; same problem with large bubbles I've described elsewhere, wasn't relaxing at all. I've seen microbubble generators that look like hand shower heads, except that it's an air hose connected to the pump which sits on the floor outside the tub, and the bubbles spread out from the nozzle which you dip under the water and aim anywhere; think that approach may work better. Can't find who sells them, they work like the one in the Youtube link below except that one looks like it's for a commercial tank of some sort rather than a bathtub, but same idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: air bubbles

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