I lost my Mother 10/26/06

imabestNovember 3, 2006

My Mother passed away Oct 26 and it was a sad day but yet joyful.

She is a peace now with the Lord and free of any kind of pain.

She broke her hip in Aug and later had a bad staph infection in that hip.

She would have to have had 3 surgeries to try and fix the problem.

I know she would not have wanted to go Thur that so I asked that they just keep her pain free and let her go in peace...

Which she did.

I want to thank each one of you who has helped me Thur the last 7 years of care giving and all your good advice and hugs.

I could not have done without you all.

And it is like you say after you loose your loved one there is a peace at knowing what you did for them.

Thank you all for the love and care you have shared with me

Kathy Imabest

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When I first began posting on this forum about Mum you were one of the first voices to offer consolation and help of a most practical nature.

I'm sorry your mother is now gone. But I think you made a wise, kind, and selfless choice on your mother's behalf.

Nothing I can offer will lessen the loss one iota. But maybe knowing you offered me great practical information when I needed it most will help a little bit. And serve as a wonderful, loving testimony to how much you loved your mother.

I'm sorry for your loss, understand whatever relief you may feel, and want you to know what a contribution you and your Mom made to my life and Mum's!


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Dear Kathy, Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.....you were a loving,faithful daughter and caregiver....many times during my journey with my dear sweet Mom I would come here and you listen and sent me hugs....bless you....I now send you hugs and remember only the joy and blessings of being able to walk with your dear Mom on her journey HOME.....God Bless you Kathy! Nora

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I want to send my sincere sympathy on the loss of your mother. I remember so well, all of you standing with me through caring for my MIL and her death. May your Dear Mother rest in peace, and you find comfort in knowing you done your best. Many hugs from Gabby!!!!

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Dear Kathy... My heart goes out to you. You and your precious mother were so close... You gave and did your best for her and honored her wishes. May God comfort you and give you peace.~abreeze

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Kathy, I am so sorry for your loss. I, too, remember how caring you were to me when I began posting here about my dear mother (who has been gone now over 2 years -- hard to believe). I think you made the most compassionate and loving choice you could have made. God bless you.

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Dear Kathy, please accept my sincere symathy on the loss of your mother. i too would have done what you did, she was very lucky to have you as her daughter.


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