Advice needed for vanity size in sloped half bath

stayghostFebruary 19, 2013

I am in the process of having a cedar closet upstairs turned into a half bath.

My conundrum is trying to figure out whether to do a 48" or 36" vanity.

If I do a 48" vanity, there's more countertop and storage and I maximize using the 56" width of the end wall. However, the centerline for the sink / mirror will be about 24" off of the right hand wall. Because the center line extends further left - it is closer to the roof slope. This means the vanity lights would have to come down lower, be narrow (2 bulb ?) and hang right around my head / eye level. (I'm 5'11" .. my wife is only 5'2" though!)

If I do a 36" vanity and hug the right wall; there is a bit less counter space and storage. I also leave 20 inches of empty space to the left of the vanity. The center line for the sink / mirror will be about 18" off of the wall, 6" giving me more height for the vanity light before I hit the roof slope. This would allow it hang about 6" higher on the wall.

- Go with 36" and make the light / mirror function best?
- But with 36" I leave 20" not used on the left - is that dumb?
- Go with 48" and maximize the space there ⦠Maybe the light being lower doesn't matter?
- Go with 48" and do the lights slightly off centered. Off centered would look OK because of the sloping roof side wall?
- Or maybe 48" looks like I'm stuffing over-sized fixtures in a small room?

As you can see I'm paralyzing myself with over analysis.
Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

FYI - I am putting a light in the center of the flat ceiling as well; the issue is with a second dedicated light fixture above the vanity mirror. (for my wife doing her make-up, etc.)

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If you think you need the draw storage then offset the sink and mirror to the right and then you will at least have storage on the left side. I think I would get it built in with a local cabinet guy. Very custom look and probably not going to cost you more.

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Thanks Archie,

I don't think I'll need the storage per say, just pointing out one has more.

Unfortunately we are literally mid process with the project so I don't have the luxury of stopping and bringing in a cabinet guy.

Have to go with the stock product of the 48" or 36" we like; and in both cases the sink is centered.

That being said what size gets your vote?

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I got confused with talk about you and your wife using this and her applying makeup there. If this is a half bath, I'd rather have a 36" you can stand in front of than something smooshed over to the side with the low ceiling. You are not particularly tall and I suspect you have family, friends or other guests who may be taller. If not, future owners are likely to. Alternately, get two ready made or RTA cabinets and put the sink in the one in the taller area, repurpose another piece of furnitire, or bet a 54-55: vanity and install the sink on one side and use the second side as storage only. That might require getting a new top if the vanity has dual sinks installed. .

Here is a link that might be useful: 55 inch double vanity

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Ditto what lascatx said.

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