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fairegoldNovember 9, 2005

OK, the younger nice brother is successor POA and executor, etc, after me. But now I am thinking---if something happens to me, would he come and help Mother? Remember that I used all those medical forms, etc last summer when she was in the hospital and nursing home. I can't think that I can trust this brother be there when he is needed, certainly not in his current condition.

So, if we re-do the paperwork, who do I choose? The other brothers are out of the question. Only other person who lives close by and who is family is my cousin, but her Mother was Dad's sister, not on Mother's side of the family. And she travels a LOT. But I trust her completely.

So the only other person I can think of is my husband, who Mother trusts and would approve of. Is it possible to have someone like a SIL as POA/medical/executor? Or if you go outside "family" is there anything else I should think about?

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Remember that some people have no blood relatives. They must go outside of the family if they want to draw up a POA or something similar. Your husband would be the ideal person as he would be knowledgeable about her and her needs. Of course, a lawyer needs to draw up all the papers. I think you are right about your brother, it doesn't seem likely that he would be available should something unexpected happened to you. Also, check with your bank to see what they need. Often the usual POA is not enough.

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I would think your husband would be the logical choice (though your brothers might object), but he knows you and your mother very well, and she loves and trusts him.

When I worked at the Retirement Community, we had residents who had no family; their lawyers, bankers, ministers, distant neices and nephews, etc. had POA, paid all the bills, made all the decisions. It happens.

Good luck.

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