Repair of Footed Sterling Bowl

justlindaNovember 3, 2012

I know that it's often too costly to repair silver plated items (unless it's something very sentimental), but how about something sterling, like an inch or two of the rim around the foot of the bowl which has been curled inward so the item doesn't sit flat?

Would this fix be easy/hard. Costly?

Any ideas appreciated.

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This is the bowl standing on the unsteady foot.

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Easy fix....just takes a fine hand with some pliers......
Sterling is fairly soft and will bend easily.
Not recommendint you do it yourself.... but it should be av ery easy fix.
Linda C

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As Lindac said, this is not a complicated fix. If you cannot find a silversmith, you might try contacting a jeweler/crafter who works in silver. S/he will have the tools and the familiarity with the material to be able to do a reasonable job for you. It may not be perfect, but hey -- That's not a dent, that's character!

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