Tile edge question

WalkerlifeFebruary 8, 2014

Is this chipping on the edges result of poor cutting or because I'm using cheap tile from Home Depot?

It's going to drive me nuts!

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Here's another picture of an edge from a different bathroom

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I think it's the cutting. I've used some very inexpensive tile and not had a chipping problem. How is it being cut?

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With a tile saw. I know nothing more specific than that? Sorry. :(

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Oh dear. Ours aren't perfect either, but I think that would bother me too. DH wonders if you could file the edges down? We bought a better quality wet tile saw with a sliding table versus the less expensive one we had where you have to move the tile manually through the blade. We also got a diamond embedded blade. I wonder if the scoring and snapping method would work better for those tiles?

Of course that is close up and dirty, maybe show us a picture of the whole thing from further away to get a better idea of how bad it is.

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Maybe the blade is bad.

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Here's a pic of our edges.

Straight cuts on the right hand side. Mitered cuts on the left hand side.

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This is from quite a bit away. I only have iPhone pics at this point. Thanks for the suggestions. Ill mention the scoring and snapping.

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Walkerlife, who is doing the tiling for you? Are you paying a professional?

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Even a tile saw with a worn blade -- as long as it is a tile blade and water is being used -- should not be producing that level of chipping. To me that looks like a characteristic of the physical properties (or shortcomings) of the tile. It almost looks as if the glaze is really hard and thick and the tile body is too soft. I would be surprised if scoring and snapping would produce a better result. I don't need everything in my house to be perfect, but that is not acceptable and there may be no solution to improve the result. Sorry to be so negative, but you should be taking a cut piece in to the store to see what they have to suggest, if anything. My Home Depot has a high quality tile saw in it and you should see if yours does and can make any better cuts than what you have.

I hate to recommend a ripout and replacement with another tile, but I'm not optimistic about what options you have if you can't live with those flaws. Grouting obviously helps hide it, but it's still not great.

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See if a diamond blade in a Dremel will cut the installed tile edges cleanly. If so, cut 'em, remove the pieces, and regrout.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Raehelen, it is the gentleman renovating my house. He is a renovator, and has tiled for year but does not tile exclusively. He does take pride in what he does and has no problem fixing his own problems, so I'm surprised he installed these chipped tiles. I haven't seen him since seeing the house last weeked, but will see him in the AM.

I was afraid that this was a result of the Home Depot tiles. They're daltile tiles, so I saw no need to buy them from somewhere else. Daltile supplies the tiles to other local tile retailers here too. A complete tear out is not an option at this point.

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Hopefully, he can figure out what is causing the chipping and remedy it. Can you insist that he not install any more chipped tiles? It shouldn't be that big a deal to remove and replace the ones that are there now, it'll only be a few along the edges right?

Good luck. My husband just installed the tiles he had to replace (we had a problem with the shower base not being level). So know what you are facing. At the moment the problem seems huge, but as long as the chipping can be resolved, I don't think it's a big deal to replace a few tiles.

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The tile that Daltile supplies to Home Depot is specific to them.

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Elraes Miller

Wow, Bill the tile guy needs to see this. He would know right away what the problem is. Post in the tile forum and he will answer your questions and always has the right direction to go.

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I asked our tile guy's apprentice, he says they can polish the edges a bit during installation to bring back a factory edge. Probably not on the ones with large chips though. Otherwise you're polishing off extra millimeters from the tile which will throw off the spacing.

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