30" wide refrigerator space

Stranger_In_The_AlpsFebruary 4, 2013

We are 'this' close to pulling the trigger on a beautiful 30" wide counter-depth Liebherr CS-1660 fridge/freezer for our kitchen remodel, but are a little worried about going from the current ~25 cu ft monster to this svelte 15.5 cu ft beauty (and only having one veg/fruit drawer!). There are only two of us, but we cook a lot and mainly fresh things--so the two veg/fruit drawers in our current 36" model are usually pretty full.
Anyone out there make a similar transition recently? Or can speak to how the 30" provides plenty of workable interior fridge space for a family of two? (ps, not worried about freezer space).

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Sophie Wheeler

I'd be worried about the resale potential if you are in anything other than a small apartment or condo. People love their full sized refrigerators and not having the ability to have one in a regular sized home would be a pretty big drawback to most.

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I know a retired, empty nest couple that did this. They ended up converting what had been a housekeeper's room into a food storage and auxiliary refrigerator/freezer room. Among other issues, leafy produce takes up a lot of room!

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We're an empty-nest couple who cook about like you describe. We did try downsizing the refrigerator/freezer unit several years ago and found it was a big mistake. First, the produce section always overflowed and secondly on those occaisions when we had visitors or entertained there was never enough space.
Our recent solution in a completely revamped kitchen was to use a 30" counter depth fully integrated refrigerator unit and a separate 18" integrated freezer column. The combination approximates 25 cu. ft. but turns out to have more usable space because of the additional door width.
If you have alternative freezer space, then you might consider a refrigerator only solution and keep the volume.

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We're in a similar situation. Our trusty ol' 1984 Amana is 32" wide, 20 Cu.Ft. bottom freezer counter depth, with wood panels,and no one seems to make the same any more. No way can we go 36" so we're going with a 30" and only could find Sub Zero and Liebherr in that size. Hoping the 30" will suffice, we are recent empty nesters and do have a garage refrigerator. Some mfg. could probably do well to offer a 32" wide built in, or counter depth, I know one buyer...

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You can make do - unless you ferment foods or something like that.

We had a 36" side-by-side GE that came with the house and I hated it. When it broke, we replaced it with a 30" Liebherr and it was OK for two of us but barely.

But as soon as DD came along, it was no longer even nearly sufficient. Well, I did not want to discard a $4K fridge, so I supplemented it with a stand-alone freezer but it still was not enough. For a long time, I regretted the decision to buy a 30" fridge.

However, for the upcoming remodel, I am adding an under-counter refrigerator and I think it is actually much better than having one fridge that everyone fights for. I guess I am saying that if you find it is not enough, there are ways to add.

BTW, I am not crazy about Liebherr's quality. I did everything "right": ordered from a reputable showroom, asked for a unit made mid-week, had it professionally installed and still... The back-wall drain gets clogged all the time and the back wall always freezes food. Plus, there is the hinge recall thing and I cannot get a technician to come to take care of it.

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It seems I have read more than a few negative reviews on the Liebherr's here lately. I'm getting concerned, since we have decided on it over the Sub Zero, mainly saving the $2k difference. We have not placed order yet, but if I keep hearing bad reviews, I may be willing to spend the money on the S-Z for peace of mind.

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We are doing something similar although NOT with Liebherr. We are downsizing from 2 30-inch standard depth bottom freezer units (total 36 cu ft) that stand side by side to one 36" FD counter-depth 22 cu ft. Had wanted to go standard depth, 36" wide because I feel somewhat insecure without the food storage space because we, too, eat lots of fresh produce. I gave up my full size freezer at the last extended power outage and have managed quite well with just the 2 bottom freezer drawers in the refrigerators. But after spending many hours looking at standard depth refrigerators - without water dispensers in the door - I decided they looked like junk. Drawers don't slide easily, baskets are cheap looking, freezer drawers everything would fall out of down into the depths of the box. A salesperson convinced me that counterdepth fridges would be more to my aesthetic liking, and, it kills me to say, they are. Just today I looked at a KitchenAid 22 cuft counterdepth and a 25 cuft standard depth - both 36" wide. The counterdepth, at 3 cuft smaller, was $1000 more. However, it had much nicer styling, far better lighting and a more user friendly freezer. I am going to bite the bullet and go for either that one or a similar LG. I was offered a Leibherr at a decent price by a dealer who was clearing out his floor models. I passed on it because I think it's too steep a jump from the capacity we have. We are also going to have either a small freezer or another, but smaller, fridge in the pantry just for security. We live in a rural area where the nearest store is a small deli 20 minutes away. I have to be able to stock up to some extent.

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Thanks all for the input (I'm a long time reader, first time poster). I agree with the concept that we can always add on (fridge/freezer in the basement, cooler for parties, etc) and the 30" will really fit the scale of our smallish kitchen much better...so I think we're going with the 30". And probably sticking with the Leibherr (I think the balance of reviews are mainly positive), to go along with our much-anticipated BS range. Cheers!

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